Margaret Holmes


I’m Margaret founder & editor of Cady Quotidienne, a destination for gals on the go seeking to balance personal style with successful, busy lives. Above all I hope my blog reads like a dear friend who wants to empower you, share her lifestyle anecdotes and fashion secrets and help you take the time to appreciate daily loveliness. I am twenty-something myself and so my content is both a reflexion of my audience and my own life. After catching the travel bug during my military upbringing in the United States and Japan, I set off to university in Europe at the University of St Andrews and Sciences Po Paris. Throughout my travels, my abiding love of fashion has been a constant. Beauty followed next and as they say the rest is history.

This blog started in 2017 after months of hemming and hawing over whether I had time & energy to make the creative outlet I envisioned in my head. In typical fashion I then proceeded to create my first website in the span of a single day (reigning queen of hyper-focus over here). In the years that followed, I rediscovered a passion for writing, styling and photography. I owe more than I can say to the blogging community. From the first few blogs I stumbled upon and low key stalked on Instagram, head over heels for their clothes and style, to the marvelous people I’ve been lucky enough to get to know personally. In November of 2017 Cady Quotidienne was recognized by Shape Shift Report as one of the top 100 Micro-Influencers & Content Creators  2017 for Art & Creative Direction . Since then I have enjoyed finding my voice, working with brands and creating stories.

Now storytelling out of Washington DC and around the globe, I write about fashion, beauty, travel, careers, power, pop culture- everything we’re navigating as young women making our way in the world. I take glam outfit shots but most of all I want to empower.  I want to have conversations about what excites you, what infuriates you, what places you want to go, what struggles you’ve overcome. So really I couldn’t do it without you lovely readers. Thank you for your stories, your laughter and your potty mouths, your bravery and your kindness.


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For general enquiries please get in touch via cadyquotidienne@gmail.com