The Birth of a Blog

The Birth of a Blog

Hello lovelies, allow me to introduce you to cadyquotidienne! I am so excited to share this step with you as I spread my adventures in fashion and life from Instagram to a full fledged blog.

Ever since I can remember I have been enamored with fashion. From trying on my mother’s jewelry and stumbling around in her high heels at the age of 8 to my first visit to NYC during September fashion week to now diving headfirst into style blogging I have always known where my passions lie. In my eyes fashion is a reflection of the beauty and diversity of our world. It touches every part of culture including art, politics, literature and more. My personal approach to fashion is a celebration of self. So my style generally reflects my romantic, epicurean, wayfaring soul.

I cannot wait to start this journey and so I raise a glass to you my darling readers: may it be fabulous!


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