Small Space Living

Small Space Living

Or how to decorate your very own cupboard under the stairs…

Whether it’s a university dorm room or a shoebox apartment in the big city, almost everyone has to decorate a small space at some point in their lives. Over the past two years of university I have learned just how much can really fit in a room of 3 square meters. Not to to toot my own horn, but every time a friend has visited I get compliments on my decor. So I thought I’d share some design hacks for small space living.

1. Bookshelves are your friend- Books, work or study supplies, jewelry, cosmetics, you name it, it’s on my shelves. Mine is quite tall (take advantage of the height of your ceilings) and so I can put my linens and other less glamorous necessities on top.

2.   Decorate! Figurines, mementos, posters, pin boards and framed photos make all the difference in putting your stamp on a space. I personally have an absurd number of books, candles and, funnily enough, clocks in my room, perhaps due to my constant battle with punctuality?

3. Light is key- I am personally very lucky in having a glass door leading out to a miniature patio. It is a godsend in the Scottish winter when the sunsets as early as 3:00 pm! However in the dearth of natural light, add some lamps to your space. Put one on your desk, bedside table, a floor standing lamp adds some sophistication or for a touch of whimsy string fairy lights all around. Go crazy, I give you permission lovelies.

4.  A #futureboss desk- For ages I was stuck in my teenage ways of studying on my bed (I liked the possibility of impromptu naps). This led to little to no organization and massive piles on the floor just waiting for some unlucky soul to trip over. Until I moved away from home I didn’t take full advantage of my desk. Now I have lots of storage (get one with lots of drawers), a mostly comprehensible organizing system (pretty desk stacks are far better than floor ones) and somewhere to plot my future domination of the fashion world.

5.    A bed of roses- given allergies I do not recommend taking this literally no matter how nice you’d smell. But your bed should be a happy place, somewhere you can relax and sprawl without a care. Mine has a quartet of pillows, a cozy throw blanket and an oversized duvet (to better cocoon myself).

I’m leaving one vital component out of today’s post, but given that I have the shopping habits of Carrie Bradshaw there will have to a whole one dedicated to the wardrobe conundrum!



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