Polo Perfect

Polo Perfect

Navy blazers, spring dresses, silk scarves fluttering in the breeze. Freshly cut grass and the pop of champagne corks, oh what is more delightfully preppy than a Polo match?

With a gorgeous estate location, brisk, yet beautiful weather and plenty of scrumptious food, it was my favorite kind of event. I slipped on my new dress from parisian designer Laura Laval, pure chicness in white chiffon and lace. It’s everything a wannabe french girl could dream! Given the outdoor locale my charcoal cashmere coat from St Emile was a must. Starting with a brunch at friends’, the day was a progression of lovely conversation and bubbly aperitif. While there was a distinct lack of Ralph Lauren at this Polo match, it was nevertheless a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. Watching the teams racing down the pitch on horseback amazed me. Between the countryside views and horses walking by I was transported back to summer rides with my aunt over rolling green hills. I think I’ve gotten a taste for fresh air, classic dress and civilized refreshments. Ascot anyone?


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