Food for Thought

Food for Thought

You know the saying: the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach!

Today, dear reader, I am bringing together two of my great loves: fashion and food. I adore both for the visceral joy that each brings me. If I stop mid-stroll down a shop lined street, it is equally likely that a pair of divine shoes have caught my attention as a colorful row of pastries. Harrods remains one of my absolute favorite stores for the beautiful array of designer clothes and culinary delights only a few floors away from each other. When not gallivanting around cities studded with haute couture and haute cuisine, I get my fix of each via the perfectly curated grids of Instagram. From avocado toasts to Gucci loafers, scrolling is a wonderland of food and fashion in glamorous locations around the world. Clearly, I am one of many who delights in beautiful food and clothes. And yet, underneath the surface of this joyful social media community, an insidious creeping voice whispers. It says, “Go ahead and post about that amazing rose shaped gelato… but make sure you look skinny in your next photo.” Or, “Best stick to salad bowls for your feed… or your followers will think you’re a pig.” As much as I live a healthy life, with plenty of exercise, sleep and a balanced diet, I adore chocolate and cheesy pasta far too much to avoid such soul foods. But why should we feel guilty? Why is food and clothing size a moral imperative? So I beat back that voice with love; for frothy dresses and silk scarves and new leather shoes; for flakey buttery croissants and zippy ginger beer, and for the perfect crunch of salt and pepper crisps. So, dear reader, let us not make food and fashion mutually exclusive. After all, where would we be without the iconic scene of Holly Golightly with her pastry and coffee outside of TIffany’s? xx


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