Adventure Time

Adventure Time

Wandering along a sun dappled path, accompanied by the babbling of water in the creek…

Spending time in nature gives me such pleasure. Whilst I would be the last person to volunteer for ‘Survivor’, there is something about a springtime walk that brings out the adventurer in me. Never wanting to miss an opportunity to dress in style, this particular outing featured a blue and white off the shoulder top, black cigarette trousers and my blue suede oxfords. No adventure is complete without a hat and a rucksack full of provisions, though mine contained study materials as I’m right in the middle of university exams. To keep track of time on my jaunt I relied on my wonderful new women’s watch from JORD. The Frankie features  a champagne face with a delightfully named Zebrawood frame and wristband. I love the mix of luxury and natural materials; it’s a perfect watch for my exploits in summer style. For you, darling readers, this unique watch would make a great engraved gift, perhaps for Mother’s Day or as a Graduation present! I’m even running a giveaway which goes live at the end of the week! There’s something about timepieces that fascinates me. From the winding of the gears to the inherent sophistication of a luxury gift, I am enamored. On this particular adventure, my watch saw me through balancing atop log bridges, greeting hungry ducks and soaking up plenty of sun. During these lovely golden hours, I was able to take the time to absorb the beauty of this place I’ve called home for the better part of two years. Soon I’ll be on a plane for summer break, flying approximately 4000 miles from the ‘Bonnie Scotland’ I now call home, but every time I look at my watch, I’ll remember this first of many magical outings.


*This has been sponsored by JORD *

Photography Ruth Choi 2017


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