Mother’s Day in London

Mother’s Day in London

Exploring a city with a loved one is always such a delight!

This week, my mother and I took a few days to immerse ourselves in London. From a divine afternoon tea complete with rosé champagne at the Dorchester to admiring the miniature English gardens overflowing window boxes, we were giddy on luxury. My mother has had a profound influence on my life, between her strength and determination in raising three daughters, having a successful career as a nurse, and then a lawyer all the while supporting my father’s military service, her example has shown me that there is nothing I cannot do should I put my mind to it. All the while she has remained in my mind the epitome of grace and style, so what better to explore one of Europe’s most fashionable and cultured cities than as a belated American Mother’s Day treat! Even the weather was on our side, and on our second day we strolled through gorgeously sunny Hyde Park on our way to view Princess Diana’s gowns at Kensington Palace (a must-see for any fashion-lover in London). Over delicious meals and shopping, we talked about the future, my aspirations to work in fashion, my studies, feminism, remember whens and a dozen things more. Although an ocean and four months had separated us, there we were walking in step down Regent Street perfectly in sync. So here’s to you Rebecca, Becky, The Good Angel of Mercy, Mum who swears by red lipstick and who always tells me to eat more fish and vegetables because “it’s good for your complexion” and whose glare could burn a hole in a wall and who supports and loves me unconditionally. I love you xx   


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