La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita

Italian for the sweet life, for me it means days filled with sea, sun and sand stylishly topped off with my slogan sunhat

As an aspiring polyglot and confirmed fashionista it is only fitting that I follow some wisdom of the people from a peninsula shaped like one of my favorite types of footwear. In the joyful chaos of the modern age, I often have to take a step back to recenter myself in the people, places and experiences that make life rich. From an exquisite meal with family and friends to the everyday spectacular of a sunset. So it seemed fitting when acquiring beach wear in anticipation of my annual pilgrimage to the coast to get this phrase embroidered on a sunhat (in sequins for an extra dose of fabulous). For my personal version of the slogan sunhat fever, I worked with the lovely Sunshine and Shade, who hand embroiders bespoke hats and bags. For me designing my sunhat was both a reflection on my personal style and on the enriching power of beautiful things. So a month later with my sunhat on, some darling catseye sunglasses and a retro inspired palm leaf swimsuit here I am living la dolce vita xx 


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