Wet Hot American Summer

Wet Hot American Summer

As temperatures start to soar and the sun climbs high in the sky, the lake sings a siren call and the hunt for the perfect bikini begins!  

While I am utterly in love with the one piece trend and all of its classic, Slim Aarons vibes, some days are so hot they simply require a bikini. (Not to mention one has to get rid of the tan lines from said trendy one piece). In my mind every woman can wear a bikini, it is a matter of finding a cut and color that makes her feel like a babe and then just rocking it. My own quest for the perfect bikini resulted in this red wrap top and tie bottom set from British brand Missguided. They sell the ultimate feeling yourself, boss babe clothes. There is something about red that instantly boosts confidence, that says you are beautiful and bold so let’s walk the walk. Or go swimming in this case. 



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