Art Amore

Backstage with Mark Shaw, a glimpse into the world of Olga Picasso- last week I spent Sunday taking advantage of my student in Paris status: going to art museums for free!

Art has always held a special place in my heart, I adore nearly every medium and movement. Above all I think it truly enriches our lives and forces us to look deeper into ourselves and each other through its unique beauty. It can capture a feeling, the zeitgeist of a whole generation. It makes us feel humble and small.  Equally it make us feel part of something greater. Whether the delightful shot of models gossiping in 1950s Balmain or vivacious dancers rendered in animated lines, art resonates with the most human parts of ourselves. At Cady Quotidienne I hope to empower my readers even a fraction as much as I am from wandering through galleries. Style insights, travel diaries and life’s little luxuries aside, above all this blog is meant to be a celebration. To revel in the daily loveliness with you, and make the world a bit brighter for it. So here’s to all the beauty, whether you find it in art, fashion or in each other. 




*I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post, everything expressed here is a true reflection of the style & brand of Cady Quotidienne*


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