Brunch Babes

Brunch Babes

My ideal Saturday morning is waking up to sunshine streaming through my window, putting on one of my favorite outfits and meeting a friend for delicious brunch and lovely chat that continues long after our coffees have been drained and any crumbs eaten up.

Many people consider brunch a summer affair, with terrace seating, tropical drinks and flirty sundresses. I am a firm believer in year round brunch- it’s a time to reconnect with friends who you haven’t seen in ages or who are just in town for the weekend. Any time you can sit down and savor a beautiful meal is an act of self love- and after the chaos that more often than not defines our work weeks, a bit of a pause is absolutely necessary! So here’s my recipe for the perfect brunch in any season! First, choose your brunch babes carefully- this is someone who enjoys good food at least as much as you do and won’t judge you for taking 20 photos of the lattes on that dreamy marble countertop. Secondly: venue- while the specific type of food can vary always look for a place that is bright, with good seating, pretty presentation and interesting dishes. As much as I love avocado toast, I like to see how places put their own spin on things- so avocado toast eggs benedict or something completely new like this lovely fig, ricotta, hazelnut tartine drizzled generously with honey. My current favorite in Paris is Ob- La- Di, super chic with amazing food in the nearly too cool to be real Marais area. I wouldn’t be a style blogger if I didn’t bring fashion into a post so last but not least: the outfit. I am a firm believer that what you wear affects your mood. So despite the temptation to stay in oversized sweaters all weekend, especially as the weather turns colder, I make an effort. While this doesn’t have to mean dressing to the nines, though if you want to be my guest darling, a bit of consideration can go along way. I tend towards city chic looks, here that means black skinny jeans, a tan and black patterned button down, topped with the ever stylish leather jacket. I love the ruffle detail at the neckline of this J.Crew button down as it adds a bit of femininity back into the outfit. Final touches are a good bag- one that fits on the table for any flat lays and also adds a bit of swing to your step. My tasseled cross body fits both of these criteria and I adore the rich cognac collar for fall (DISCOUNT CADY20). Dressing up and going to eat delicious food with my favorite people both jumpstarts the weekend and reminds me how much I love this city. So here’s to brunch in all its variations, from mimosas to hot chocolate!




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    • Margaret Holmes
      October 1, 2017 / 1:09 pm

      That sounds marvelous too- there’s nothing like warm drinks and good food to drive away the cold!

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