First Impressions, Self Improvement & Men’s Accessories: All Things Kurtis Paul

First Impressions, Self Improvement & Men’s Accessories: All Things Kurtis Paul

A crisply ironed shirt, a classic watch on the wrist or a smooth leather bag in hand: one of the first things we notice about a person is how they dress. In today’s increasingly fast paced and visual world, making a good first impression is more important than ever. Today I have the inside view from Lloyd Rayner, co-founder of luxury British designer Kurtis Paul.

I am certainly no expert in men’s fashion, but the idea of taking pride in appearance and representing oneself through clothing resonates with me. At Kurtis Paul, they design for the “Modern Gentleman”, who is more than just a snappy dresser. Lloyd defines this as “someone who takes great pride in their appearance, they want to do well in life, they want to achieve their goals”.  I’ve written before about the confidence boosting power of a well thought out outfit. If one thing carries across from women’s to men’s fashion it is the desire to put one’s best foot forward. Kurtis Paul aims to equip men with quality bags and accessories to carry them through all the moments of their day. Opportunities are no longer limited to formal offices, the strict time and space of a 9 to 5’.  From a bar on a Friday night to the gym, Lloyd notes, “You never know who you’re going to bump into so… in my opinion… it’s always really important that you’re prepared for the situation regardless of what that situation might be”. As someone who moves from university classes to blogging in coffee shops, making connections and friendships all along the way, I can certainly attest to this fact. Within the first few seconds of meeting people we unconsciously catalogue each other, often on appearance, and in my experience a touch of care and bit of luxury goes a long way.

The Manchester based label offers men this bit of luxury with quality leather and canvas products at reasonable prices for wardrobe investment. This philosophy springs from Lloyd’s beliefs in self-improvement, and the idea that with Kurtis Paul products, you are “buying something you know is going to last, it also creates memories for you”. He sites his own memories of his Columbus Canvas Backpack accompanying him on Safari and travels around the world. Travel and journeys lie at the heart of Kurtis Paul. Their products are designed for people who want to enrich both their style and themselves, and as Lloyd and I agree, one of the best ways to grow is to travel. To appreciate different peoples and cultures, and gain new perspectives from the open road. From luggage and accessories to the company itself the Kurtis Paul brand revolves around a journey. Telling a story of self-investment, entrepreneurship, and achievement; Kurtis Paul attracts a community of highly motivated people. Lloyd Rayner and his co-founder and brother Kurtis Rayner craft not only luxury products but also a lifestyle and mindset of hard work, taking pride in oneself and authenticity. “I suppose in some ways we hope people resonate with that and follow the journey we’re on”. From leather goods, to building this Kurtis Paul movement, I can’t wait to see where it takes them.

Find out more about Kurtis Paul, their story & their products.

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