Creating Coziness

Creating Coziness

There is something about the brisk temperatures outside that makes a warm home so appealing.

As the leaves turn and the weather gets cooler, we get to properly indulge in all things Autumn. From delicious spiced cooking to oversized knits, everything about this season is delightfully cozy. Whether you’re a student in the middle of midterms or entering the busy pre-holiday work months, indulging in the comforts of fall is a good way to give yourself a break from daily stress. If like me you don’t have a crackling fire to curl up next to, candles are a marvelous alternative. Some mellow tunes, and the scent of sea salt & lavender or white iris & musk, transforms a space into a haven against the cold. While I love oversized jumpers as much as the next girl, sometimes I crave that one extra layer of a blanket scarf. Perfect for bundling up outside or cuddling in your home, they’re like wearable hugs. When I do venture outside, somehow I always find myself grabbing a hot drink from a neighborhood café or coffee shop. This time of year I favor hot chocolate, for my inner child, or chai lattes in all their frothy cinnamon, nutmeg glory. Between cradling hot mugs with my hands to inevitably forgetting my gloves, hand cream is an absolute must for this season. My love for L’Occitane en Provence’s products have been passed down from my mother and they keep my skin soft throughout fall and winter. Scent is a big part of getting in the mood for fall. I change my perfume seasonally and right now I’m reveling the rich bergamot, jasmine & vanilla of Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle. My hair, my wrists, my clothes, even my bedding get a generous spritz. Perfect for relaxing with a good read. Creating coziness is about warmth and comfort so my favorite step is to pop something in the oven to bake. Not everyone is an avid cook like myself but pre-made cookie dough will do the trick- perfect to share, or not! Spending time with loved ones is my final key to coziness, what better way to keep your heart warm when the wind blows outside?




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