Best Foot Forward

That extra boost in height, the feeling of mile long legs and that satisfying click as your walk becomes a strut,: the ultimate confidence boost is a fabulous pair of heels!


No matter how vertically blessed you are, a good pair of heels is the pièce de resistance of a power outfit. Whenever I want to feel especially put together or elevate a more casual look, on go the stilettos. While wearing heels can take a bit of practice (you have to step with your heel first as opposed to the ball of your foot) there are few things more empowering than mastering the walk. One of the absolute keys is a perfect fit. My favorites are from Shoes of Prey and custom designed to my feet. They have so many styles, materials to choose from and you can design your own pair or get a pair fitted to your needs. My own heeled oxfords are purple, black and snakeskin- how fabulous! Designing them was such a fun experience and they are my go to pair when I want to make a statement. What better way to put my best foot forward?




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