Metropolitan Musings

Metropolitan Musings

Bright lights and cigarette butts on the sidewalk. Moving to your dream city, the marvelous and the mundane.

From neighborhood boulangeries to the best time to go to the Luxembourg Gardens and bookshops tucked back in shaded courtyards, I have spent the past four months learning this city. For so long Paris was a dream to me, something I aspired to throughout school and university. The city of lights, of fashion and of romance. Not to mention delicious pastries, museums galore and beautiful architecture that reminds that yes, you do in fact live in Paris. Not every moment is glamorous, the exhaustion from living in a second language and the business of city life can take its toll. I still get caught in the rain without an umbrella and miss my train. But the magic lingers, in moments large and small. This city is still showing her secrets to me, in charming cafes and pop up jazz bands on street corners. In a beautiful sunset that turns the Grand Palais into a glitter of glass. In small talk in French at the Sunday’s farmer’s market. I find it comforting that some things will remain a secret to me. Left to be discovered by the dreamers that come after.




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