Thanksgiving Abroad

Thanksgiving Abroad

A time honored tradition, and one of my personal favorite holidays, in the celebration of friends, family and of course: food! But what’s a girl to do when she’s a whole continent away?

For the past three years I have celebrated Thanksgiving as an expat. I’ve hosted dinner to share the love and satisfy my need for stuffing. Last year my family came and visited me, exploring my new home and taking long drives in the countryside. University deadlines kept me from making a trip across the Atlantic or cooking a spread, but yesterday I fit in a walk in the gorgeously autumnal Luxembourg Gardens, along with some carrot cake & tea with a lovely friend. I write this I am hurtling along on the Eurostar, making my way to London for a weekend break. This year thanksgiving for me is a quieter affair. Moments of gratitude in multi-generational facetime calls, chats with friends, sleeping in and warming my cold toes on the radiator. A rich hot chocolate while I wait in Gare du Nord, contemplating my love for the city I live in and the insatiable desire to get away. While there’s no harvest feast, no walks in the woods and no crackling fire, I still give thanks. For the large, the opportunity to travel & my loved ones continued support, & for the small, this chic yet cozy sweater dress and the sounds of leaves crunching underfoot. Of course for you, dear readers, without whom this would not have grown into the amazing platform and creative space. I am filled with gratitude, and perhaps a craving for pumpkin pie.


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