Re-styling Festive Wear

Re-styling Festive Wear

The holiday season is upon us, and with it fashion gets festive! But how do you keep styling these pieces outside of Christmas cocktails and New Years parties?

In the spirit of sustainability and getting all the best use of sequin, velvet and metallic ensembles, I styled last year’s Christmas dress in a whole new way. This forest green velvet slip dress came home with me last year after a marathon of gift shopping in Paris. With the twenties style cut and luxurious fabric, it had the perfect amount of vintage glamour for the holidays. A year later and in a different city I styled it for a day of London’s best afternoon tea and holiday decorations with my mom and little sister. The past week saw temperatures plummet in Europe so I layered the velvet dress with a black turtleneck, tights, Chelsea boots and a leather jacket. I loved combining the fancy feminine dress with rocker inspired boots and jacket. The contrast creates an edgy romance, rather than the frivolity of a party dress in the middle of the day. Using contrast to make a fancy piece appropriate for day wear is my go to. Take a gold tulle skirt for example, pair it with a pullover sweatshirt and some trainers. Whatever the item, balance it with casual wear and you can re-style any festive outfit. This way you can justify buying that sequined mini-dress that’s caught your eye!


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