Little Luxuries: Furla Purchase

Little Luxuries: Furla Purchase

A giddiness bubbling up inside, pride that practically sings. All condensed into the glossy packaging of a luxury purchase.

Last week after months of saving, and contemplating my decision I invested in a Furla mini metropolis. This cross body is perfectly sized and oh so chic with its gold chain strap and mirror bright closure. While I adore the design and the cost per wear makes it a smart choice, this purchase meant so much more. From the boutique itself, with its selection of beautiful wares to departing with a skip in my step and a shopping bag swinging from my hand, this was no ordinary shopping trip. It was coming of age, independence and the intoxicating satisfaction of spending my money on something I had coveted for ages.

Women speak of buying their first pair of Louboutin’s or a bag from Chanel as a milestone gift to themselves. From degrees to promotions, there’s something about the tangibility of a luxury item. It is the crystallization of hopes and dreams. It becomes a sort of icon of a woman’s capability, financial independence or social status. It is the alchemy of autonomy and indulgence. Whether supple leather, the cold brilliance of precious stones or something else entirely, it carries a bit of magic. Both everyday and extraordinary.

So while I will surely toss receipts, lipsticks, credit cards and my iPhone with its spider webbed screen into my Furla metropolis, it will be a bright reminder of possibility. Not to mention the finishing touch to many an outfit. With its weight on my hip, out into the world I go.


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  1. December 19, 2017 / 2:46 am

    That’s such a gorgeous bag!

    • Margaret Holmes
      January 9, 2018 / 9:29 pm

      I’m certainly very pleased with it- plus it holds a lot more than you might think!

      xx Margaret

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