The Happy Now

The Happy Now

From holly & gingerbread to champagne & fireworks- t’is the season for revelry!

The days between Christmas & the New Year are a sort of limbo of festivities. Scrolling through Twitter & Instagram I noticed many “364 days to go” posts & people talking about post holiday blues. In anticipation of 2018 many others addressed resolutions & why we set these notoriously difficult goals for ourselves. To me the best response to both of these situations is to hold onto that joy, gratitude & love that is the holiday spirit. To keep a bit of that December mindset for the whole year, with acts of generosity & celebration. Like sharing well wishes with strangers during morning commutes, cooking delicious foods for loved ones and the joy of spontaneous gift giving. While I definitely have traditional New Year’s resolutions on my mind, my biggest goal for 2018 is to live in celebration. Through fitness journeys (I’m running the Paris Marathon in April), blogging goals & keeping up with my studies I hope to be grounded in the happy now. In the meantime, I wish you lovelies have a very happy New Year!




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