Soho Style- Braving NYC Winter

Soho Style- Braving NYC Winter

Bundled yet chic, a fine line to walk for my first trip of 2018.

One of the goals I’ve set for myself this year is to take the opportunity to travel at least once a month. A girl’s trip to NYC for museums, cuisine & couture was the ticket. While I’m all about glitz & glamour, travel is so much more than luxury. It fosters independence & confidence by taking us out of our comfort zones. It challenges us, sometimes positively with amazing new experiences and sometimes to our chagrin with the frustrations of canceled flights etc. Therefore rising to the occasion, with poise & style is equally important. Over the course of the next year of travel, I will be confronted with joys & discomforts- starting with staying chic in an arctic New York City!

Thanks to some planning I managed to be stylish & unfrozen. Winter travel requires first & foremost a quality coat. My red wool pea coat is vintage Calvin Klein & was a bright spot against the gray & black hues of the city. Layering without creating bulkiness can be tricky. I wore thick tights underneath my skinny jeans & undershirts beneath my cashmere pullovers & turtlenecks. In January accessories serve the dual purpose of adding interest & keeping warm. These included shiny leather boots, a burgundy scarf & above all a cross body bag slung across my hip to keep my hands in my pockets & without frostbite. Though not photographed, I also listened to my parents’ reminder to wear a hat. By putting my hair in a bun and then taking it down before shooting, I avoided a truly terrible case of hat head. Add a cup of hot tea to go & I was ready to gallivant around Soho in style. After all if Carrie Bradshaw can do it, why can’t I?


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