Better Blogging

Better Blogging

In 3 weeks Cady Quotidienne will turn 1! One year of my little corner of the internet and I am so grateful that you spent this year with me, with my rambles on fashion, travel and all that I love.

In anticipation for this birthday of sorts, I thought I’d share with you a combination of 2018 blog goals, ways I want to improve my blog in its second year and general ways I think we can all be better bloggers. Learning is a lifelong process and it involves every area of life, from personal to professional to creative. I am so happy that my blog offers me the opportunity to grow in all three!

1. The Camera

My big Christmas present this year was my Canon EOS T7i. After a bit of a delay, it arrived last week and I finally got the chance to play with it when shooting products for this post. As a truly visual person, photography is something I look for in other influencers as I want images that inspire and captivate. Additionally this camera’s film capabilities will allow me to work more on video as a massive goal for the next year is to launch a Youtube channel, a more intimate setting with all of my followers and to be able to interact with you lovelies through the authenticity of video.

2. Self Hosted

I’ve just started researching the process of transferring to self hosted and I am making this a number one priority over the course of the next few months. It will allow me the independence and creativity I crave and it will play a major role in solidifying the Cady Quotidienne brand.

3. Women Empowering Women

They say that every successful person stands on the shoulders of those that come before them and I plan to learn from the fabulous bloggers that are currently killing it. Many offer blog sections focusing on blog skills & advice and some offer kits and online courses. I invested in the wonder woman Hilary Rushford’s Instagram with Intentions & Social Stories courses as I did a trial and really enjoyed her manner of teaching and the information she gave. Some might say that it is a shortcut but the amount of effort I use to translate her advice to my own blog is far more worthwhile than guessing for myself. For smaller scale investments Garance Doré’s Love Style Life and Aimee Song’s Capture Your Style are must reads for fashion & style bloggers.

4. My Voice

I have always enjoyed writing ever since I can remember, words carry more weight than we often give credit and I’ve always felt that expressing oneself eloquently is the highest form of elegance. As university student I write many essays and papers, but the more intimate and reflective writing of journalism and prose is not in my repertoire. With the blog I hope to develop a voice that is true to myself and what I want this blog to be.

5. Growth

There’s a certain amount of blogging that does involve playing the numbers game, it’s not always fair but frankly it does make a certain amount of sense. However I don’t want to get too entrenched in having a certain number next to my name. Building a true audience, hopefully larger but above all engaged and loving the content I produce is far more important to me.

6. Multi-Platform

As I have already mentioned, I am looking to start a Youtube channel in the next few months and continuing in that vein I want to engage on more platforms. You’ve been able to find me on Twitter, where we can moan about our days or have a laugh at this marvelous and ridiculous life, but this year I hope to be active across the board. Pinterest is a major area of growth for me, as it provides a different manner of engaging with people & gaining inspiration. Instagram and the blog itself are likely to remain my most daily platform, as I have a strong space on both. I so appreciate those platforms for introducing me to all you lovelies but I hope to explore more ways to reach out and make connections.

Overall I want to enjoy my blog, to revel in the daily loveliness and to create content that resonates with you.




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  1. January 20, 2018 / 2:01 am

    Enjoy your research about self-hosting. It is such a great way to go with blogging!

    • Margaret Holmes
      January 27, 2018 / 1:21 pm

      Thanks dear- I’m super excited for it!

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