Golden Dichotomies- Mejuri’s Daily Dose of Luxury

Golden Dichotomies- Mejuri’s Daily Dose of Luxury

Everyday jewelry is somewhat contradictory. Jewelry- the physical manifestation of wealth and luxury. A wearable gold standard if you will, but adapted to daily life so much so that going without is akin to being naked. Am I the only one who feels wrong without earrings in my ears, even simple studs?

I suppose the love for everyday jewelry is a reflection of our own contradictory humanity. Simplicity and precious materials appeal to me, all the more beautiful more their everyday use. I like to fancy myself a modern Audrey Hepburn you see (but who doesn’t). Enter Mejuri, a brand that has become a true sensation.

Beyond dreamy designs, their accessible price points are friendly even for a student budget. I am currently eyeing the Stellar Ring, I already have the Gold Zodiac Necklace in Cancer as a July baby and I figure I might as well deck myself out in constellations. Plus Valentine’s Day is coming up and I am the kind of girl who celebrates self love with sparkles and chocolate. Just in case you feel like being a strong independent woman who doesn’t strictly need no man, especially not for buying her own damn jewelry.

The bonus to such lovely, affordable jewels is their quality. Tiny earrings are often quite delicate but my Sapphire Hoops are as resilient as they are dainty. From spine defying yoga positions to fidgeting with them in class, they cling to my ears, miniature stars that catch the light just so. All that glitters is indeed gold, in the case of Mejuri.


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