Blogiversary- 1 Year of Cady Quotidienne

Blogiversary- 1 Year of Cady Quotidienne

365 days, 72 posts and over 8000 page views- not bad for year one!

Life saw me back in Scotland, the place where it all began. It was a weekend of reminiscing. From speeches at a friend’s 21st birthday dinner to remembering my love for the never ending blue of Scotland’s wide sky to the everyday loveliness of that little town. That same town that inspired me to find beauty and start this blog. Curled up next to my radiator, sipping tea and writing my heart out, much as I am now as snow blankets Paris. Funny how things come full circle.

Fashion, expressing myself and what I love through my clothing, is evidently one of the main forces behind this blog. But I have discovered a larger movement, to celebrate loveliness & the joys, big and small, that make everyday a little bit brighter. I have discovered the most welcoming community of creatives and bloggers- who, yes don’t make fun of me when I take a quick latte shot. But who most of all are my teachers & inspiration (shoutout to Lauren of Loulabellerose for these lovely photos) . Finally I have found my audience, my fellow twenty something who wants to be city chic & sophisticated even as she is baffled by adulthood and the pure serendipity of life. Who wants to find her own happiness, wherever across the globe and in whatever pair of shoes that journey takes her (a girl can hope for Manolos but will settle for classic Chelsea boots).

Here’s to another year! One of blog posts, photos in which I appear far more glamorous than I actually am & even more. But I won’t ruin the surprise. You’ll just have to stay tuned, darling!



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