Mastering the Day to Night Outfit

Mastering the Day to Night Outfit

Starting the day with caffeine of choice in one hand, running around between work, classes and general adulting, ending the day far too late after various escapades with friends- sleep, wake up, repeat until the weekend.

This is the schedule of twenty-something girls on the go. Big city lights that come alive when the sun goes down, plus the hottest restaurants, bars and boutiques wreak havoc on her sleep schedule and her bank account. As a girl who’s been in her position far too many times to count:  save time, money and energy with the outfit that easily transitions from day to night.

While planning for my long weekend to London, I stumbled across this restaurant’s dreamy velvet booths and coffee cocktails on Instagram. Aside from my love of pink décor, inherent in all millennials, Clerkenwell Grind’s concept caught my eye. A restaurant that can move from boozy brunch to the after-work crowd and beyond is one that has mastered transition. The perfect place to shoot a day-to-night outfit. And to celebrate seeing lovely friend and blogger Valeria of Perfect Black with Flat White White Russians and dessert before dinner like the rebels we are.

The ultimate day to night outfit is your Friday look. Just twelve more hours until the weekend and two days of pure freedom. In anticipation of nights out of the town, this black off the shoulder bodysuit & faux leather midi skirt can move from work, to cocktails to dancing the night away. The key to transition is keeping things neutral & layering for modesty. Form fitting and leather- on the surface this look seems far too sexy for day. But with a classic black trench, low heeled boots & accessories like big sunglasses, a silk scarf and a chic crossbody, it works. Glamorous yes, but it’s Friday and who doesn’t deserve to feel luxe after making in through the week? Simple makeup and hair also does wonders to tone down a look. Once happy hour begins, a sultry lipstick makes all the difference.

Some other brilliant takes on the day to night outfit are trousers & a lace camisole. Ditch the blazer once you’re out of office or, if you’re feeling particularly cheeky, ditch the undershirt in homage to Yves Saint Laurent. Tights and a cardigan can keep a cocktail dress demure until you have a Gin & Tonic in hand. Always keep things classy, because for girls on the go a first impression might be on public transport, in the office, at a bar or in the queue to the loo. Particularly for the last one, it’s some sort of universal constant for women’s toilettes. So with your day to night look, hustle at work and then raise a glass, you pretty young thing.



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  1. Lena Dee
    March 21, 2018 / 3:26 pm

    Well don’t you look gorgeous! 😍😍 I love day to night outfits, always perfect for the Friday evening after a long day at work. I’m totes jelly that you got to go to London and spent it with Val lol. Looks like you guys had a banging time and some awesome pics from the adventures! Great post babe! <3

    xx Lena |

    • Margaret Holmes
      March 21, 2018 / 8:56 pm

      Thanks Lena! I’m so happy you enjoyed the post. London with Val was marvelous, she’s so wonderful and it’s always fun to go to a fabulous restaurant in a new city.

      Thank you again for the lovely comment!

      xx Margaret

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