3 Reasons Why Millennial Pink Is Here to Stay

3 Reasons Why Millennial Pink Is Here to Stay

Personally, I feel like I’ve come full circle with pink. From adoring the color during the age of fairy princesses & ballerinas, to detesting it during my teenage ‘I’m trying to be a cool girl’ phase, right back around to delighting in la vie en rose at 20. I’m not alone, Millennials are obsessed. So much that we have that perfect pale, dusty shade named after us. From pink velvet booths at the trendiest coffee shops to product packaging & pink fur coats, here are 3 reasons that the rosy hue has staying power:

1. Unabashed Frivolity

This is the zeitgeist that made ‘boujee’ & ‘extra’ part of everyday vocabulary. It is the fact that in the face of a skyrocketing housing market, intense job competition & the giant weight of student loans, people are willing to spend some pocket money to feel a bit fancy. This combines nicely with the obsession for niche food, and hence the pink décor in every brunch spot, niche bakery & cocktail lounge. Not to mention pink food.

2. New Wave Femininity

Ever since the second world war & the birth of baby boomers, pink has been marketed to expecting mothers for their perfect bundle of sugar, spice & everything nice. Only now these little girls have grown up to be strong, independent women who’ve decided if they want to spend their hard earned cash on a pink cashmere scarf from Acne, then by God they will. Millennial Pink is not the saccharine shade from girlhood. It is for the woman who’s not ashamed of loving pink, and who also isn’t afraid to kick ass, whether in the boardroom or her personal life. Powerful in pink indeed.

3. Aesthetics for Everyone

In the age of social media & curated feeds, there’s a shade of pink for everyone. From Instagrammable cafés like Peggy Porschen’s to fun, pretty packaging à la Glossier, millennial pink is constantly circulating. While many of these accounts belong to women, the color is not exclusively feminine by any means. As traditional notions of gender become more and more contested, millennial pink represents fluidity & the calming, desaturated tone makes any grid pop. Just take a look at over 8,000 posts with #meninpink. Plus if Drake can rock a bubblegum sweatshirt then I say the color’s free game.

Millennial Pink is not going anywhere. It’s the color du jour in interior design, clothing, beauty, architecture, art, film, music & it’s even made its way into politics. From West Hollywood to Soho to Shanghai, it’s the color of the people. And the people say think pink.


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