The Parisienne Guide

The Parisienne Guide

Alongside the skyscraping iron of the Eiffel tower and the bustle of the Champs Élysée, there’s a Paris of cobbled streets, hidden courtyards, and treasures behind every beautiful doorway. This is the Paris I know, love and want to share with you.


On the marble steps leading up to the iconic plaza, you’ll find families and girls in berets galore, capturing that shot of the Eiffel tower. If crowds make you want to run for the hills, you don’t have to forgo getting the perfectly Parisian photo. There’s no better place to see the sunrise paint the sky in blues, pinks and golds and aside from a few pigeons you’ll have the view to yourself.


Just around the corner is one of the loveliest areas of Paris, follow the gardens of the Trocadero further into the sixteenth arrondisement. Full of charming creperies and carved steps built into the hillside, I spent two months this summer exploring its hidden corners when I still lived in an Airbnb. Metro Passy has two gorgeous examples Haussmann architecture, some days you’ll even see a chic moped parked nearby- the perfect prop for a mini photo shoot.


Café Central, Ecole Militaire

On the other side of the gilded glass & wicker chairs of this classic French café is the best hot chocolate in the city. Rich, like a whole cup of the center of a molten chocolate cake, only better. Perfect for dipping buttery, flaky croissants in. (After all you’ve just walked from the right bank, across Pont Iena & down the Champ de Mars- treat yourself like a Parisienne). For maximum glamour and sophistication, people watch behind cat eye sunglasses and talk about Baudelaire.


The decor and architecture alone make this museum forever one of my favorites. Wander around the square courtyard in the morning light, marvel at the history in the very stones beneath your feet. The Mona Lisa is lovely and a must see, but don’t forget to stand before the monumental paintings of David, Delacroix and Gericault. Marvel at the sculpture hall, where marble becomes silk. If you’re anything like me, imagine which pieces you want in your imaginary mansion.

Paris, a city of wonders. I’ve spent nine months and counting learning its streets, discovering new delights with each season. The magic of Paris is never-ending, and time passes so quickly so make the most of it! Locals have all the inside secrets, and since your friendly Parisian blogger can’t be in multiple places at once, if you’re looking for a tour, look no further than The Paris Guy. They’ve shared their secrets of the eternal city for years as The Roman Guy, and this spring they are launching in the city of light. With an approach centered on all things authentically Parisian, you can revel in all the treasures Paris has to offer. From the ancient catacombs beneath the city, to the expansive halls of the Louvre and the majesty of Versailles (major house envy here). Each tour reduces wait times, since time flies and never more so than in this magical city, as I can personally attest. All the better to see the city as a true Parisienne, with fun over stress and an effortlessly chic style above all.

The Paris Guy Tours

Skip the Line Magnificant Louvre Tour in Paris: Given that you could probably live in the Louvre for a full month and still not see every one of the 38, 000 work of art this palace of a museum has to offer, this small group tour is ideal. With a guide, not only will you be able to see the iconic pieces and great masters, but also the lesser known cultural treasures. Always a plus for the aforementioned intellectual conversations in Parisian cafes.

Skip the Line Paris Catacombs Tour: If you really want to get to know a city, look at its bones. Underneath all the romance & glamor, the ancient catacombs are legendary, and with a small guided tour you’ll be sure to come out on the other side. (It’s nicknamed the “gate to hell” for a reason you know).

Golden Versailles Palace and Garden Tour: For a mini city escape, wander the hall of mirrors and immaculate gardens of Versailles. This tour will whisk you away to the estate that has captivated the minds of theatre, cinema and fashion alike and back again in a single day. A good precaution if like me, you’re tempted to move in!  S’il vous plait…


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