Outfit Game Changer: The White Jacket

Outfit Game Changer: The White Jacket

Cue the angel choirs, the sun is shining and spring has finally made an appearance, fashionably late but nevertheless welcome!

Commence the great pilgrimage to the parks, with a bottle of rosé in tow and reunite with yourold pal vitamin D. But before the peak hours of camisoles and Bardot tops, it can still be a bit chilly in the AM. So I’m introducing you to the jacket that I’ve been living in this season!

The power of the white blazer is that you instantly look fresh, chic and like a real life adult lady. Aside from mastering the day to night outfit, this is a real style game changer. Because grown ass women are capable of wearing white clothing without the fear of spilling coffee down their fronts or smearing warm sand foundation around the neckline in their rush to get out the door. But since I’m an adult in training, I’ve found the ultimate life hack: white check.

This long white windowpane double breasted blazer can be worn as a super cool mini-dress, like I did when I went to Catwalk Charity Fashion Show or open over a camisole and boyfriend jeans. I like to add a bit of color to contrast with white and this deep teal camisole feels so lux. The white blazer keeps you city chic on your walk to work but doesn’t condemn you to stinky armpits in the afternoon. If you can’t find white check, go for something that has a bit of texture to it, like boucle or a weave, which will be forgiving and add visual interest. As the days get warmer, shorten those hemlines. With some killer shoes, a long line white blazer can dress up a pair of cutoffs on the weekend. Nothing says ‘I am a cool sophisticated person that you want to have a drinks with’ quite so effortlessly.

Basically this post is a love letter to this jacket, saying where have you been all my life?



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