The Dress That Beats The Heat

The Dress That Beats The Heat

Temperature skyrocketing, the city sits under a dome of heat and all you can think about is how everybody and their brother seems to be taking annual leave to the breezy shores of Mykonos, Ibiza or St Tropez. Whereas you’re squished in like sardines on the sweltering tin can hurtling through underground tunnels on the daily commute. Sounds familiar? But the biggest struggle of all is finding a chic outfit that doesn’t put you in danger of swooning like the heroine in a noir film. You’re a modern woman after all despite how Liam Hemsworth turns your insides all melty. You need a dress that makes you feel like you’re on a summer escape, even though you’re not quite ‘out of office’ yet.

The white linen midi dress comes to the rescue. I snagged this wrap dress with delightfully feminine puff sleeves from Gap on sale the other week and I haven’t looked back. The brilliance of the white linen dress is that it keeps you cool even in heatwaves & has a certain ‘I’m strolling through the palm gardens of Capri’ vibe. I love the midi length, as you don’t have to worry about the split second of terror when you get up from sitting & the back of the skirt sticks to your derriere, possibly flashing the whole office. A wrap dress also helps to keep everything secure (no boobs making a bid for freedom on your watch) but allows for much needed airflow- #letthegirlsbreathe.  Not to mention, pop on a sunhat and a pair of sandals and you can wear it on the weekend for fancy brunch or a stroll through the park. The only downside is that white linen crinkles about as soon as you look at it. But it’s summer, our hair frizzes and we all get a bit dewy in the sunshine. So slide on some big sunglasses, and sashay away, imperfectly lovely in white linen that sways with every step.




Photography by Kaye Ford shot in Holland Park



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