4 Ways To Boost Body Confidence

4 Ways To Boost Body Confidence

Everyday we’re bombarded with images of perfection. Paradoxically no one can quite seem to agree on what makes the perfect body, though everyone has very strong opinions. The overall message is one that no matter how hard you try, from ridiculous skinny cleanse juices to the very existence of certain plastic surgeries, you are not and will never be enough. This is me planting my flag in the ground and saying f*ck that noise!

As someone who is fairly slim, U.K size 8-10 and 5’7 in height, I understand that I come from a place of privilege. I have never been bullied for my body type, I have never heard snide comments from salespeople about sizing nor have I dealt with people constantly badgering me to eat more. I cannot speak for the women who have, but I know intimately how pervasive that little voice is. You may know the one. The one that pipes up when scrolling through Instagram, when you dare to enter a gym without a washboard abs and even when you order a perfectly innocuous dessert. I aim to have a healthy lifestyle, but since I am wonderfully human there is definitely room to improve. Body positivity and self-love are not limited to yogis or nutritionists or celebrities with entire teams behind them. Here are 4 ways, to not only feel more body confident but to also celebrate what a total babe you are.

1. Take control of your feed. Instagram especially is the main vehicle of the comparison culture we see today. From lifestyles to careers to looks, scrolling through your feed very quickly can become a minefield of insecurities. I say take control over the images you consume. Don’t feel guilty for cutting out content that is toxic for you personally. Beth Sandland expanded on this idea in her post which I highly recommend if you have any lingering unfollower’s guilt. Then focus on making your feed positive. Emily Rose of A Whimsical Rose introduced me to the Midsize Collective, a platform that has made my daily scroll through Instagram far more diverse and fabulous!

2. Let’s get Physical- not in a saucy way you minx. Take a yoga class, go for a swim, walk through the woods, dance around in your underwear to the Beyoncé anthem of your choice. From the chemistry side of things, endorphins are a mood booster. Do something that challenges your body, but also makes you feel proud of it. Marvel at your body & all it is capable of in this moment.

3. Romance Yourself- Get yourself some gorgeous lingerie, for the more petite check out the beyond dreamy Bloom & Boudoir and for you gals with curves for days Elomi is a treasure trove. Cook a delicious meal for one or take yourself out to a fancy restaurant. Draw yourself a bath- candles & bubbles included, sip a glass of prosecco & nibble on some fancy chocolates. Luxury like this is pure bliss that will make you glow from the inside out, and candlelight is far more flattering than fluorescence.

4. Tailor Your Appearance- invest in clothes that fit well, and ensure that your outfit is ironed, without stains or tears. Feeling body confident is as much a matter of what you put on your body as your body itself. Don’t force yourself to wear a trend or color if you absolutely hate it. Style your hair, put on your favorite lipstick & sashay out the door, standing tall.

As with many things, body confidence takes time. Be patient with yourself, and if need be act like of those self-help books and repeat to yourself in the mirror: you are a babe, you are a babe, you are a babe.



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