A Neutral Love Affair

A Neutral Love Affair

I’ve noticed lately that I’m gravitating towards neutrals. Black, chocolate, navy, cream, charcoal, rust, camel, copper, cognac, cinnamon, sand, oatmeal, leopard, snakeskin, and gold. All that glitters, but against an elegant and timeless color wheel. That’s not to say I don’t still like color. Jewel tones, denim and the odd blush still snare my attention. As I shared in my post on personal style, I’m very much a girl who loves clothes, in all their variety. Still, as I get dressed, in that little ritual (though somewhat less frequent as of late, not leaving the house as much preludes many days spent in gym kit) I find myself reaching for elegant neutrals. Shades that work in every season, in every city. It may be that as life gets more complicated, as I face job applications and the weight of my penultimate few months at university, that I crave simplicity. Not in the extravagance of my clothes because let’s face it, I’m me and I never pass up the chance to overdress. There’s something soothing about an exquisitely chic neutral. Maybe because I know these are outfits I will be happy to look back on, no matter how many years pass. And that can’t be said for some of the ill-fated sartorial decisions of my past. (for example, in between ages 8-11 in which the more color and pattern in an outfit, the better). Today’s love is timeless and classic, but always with a twist to keep things interesting. Like any long-lasting love affair, no?


Mejuri Starlight Hoops | Sunglasses |Strathberry Bag | Black Skinny Jeans


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