How To Stay Cozy & Chic This Winter

How To Stay Cozy & Chic This Winter

Temperatures dropping, flurries in the air and frost on the windows. It’s going to be a cold one, but that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to looking like a human marshmallow in the pursuit of warmth! Staying cozy yet chic this winter is all about proportions, layering and material. In this guide I will show you the foolproof way to be a regular snow angel rather than the abominable snowman.

Proportions are key in winter coats because you don’t want something that is going to overwhelm your frame. However, you also what to be able to comfortably fit a thick jumper underneath without feeling slightly like a penguin waddling your way around town. Not to mention, you don’t want to be so bundled up that you trap yourself in the layers, leading to ironic heatstroke as soon as you head indoors. A winter coat that fits well in the shoulders, with sleeves that extend all the way to your wrist bone, and a long enough length to actually keep any icy wind out is your best bet. That said, anything too long will be a drag in ice, snow and rain. Cut wise, you can either go for the pseudo masculine vaguely 80s long coat which is very cool and warm, or you can go for something with a bit of definition in the waist, like my camel tulip coat here. As you can tell I’m super into camel and other warm neutrals at the moment. The draping of the collar and the hem of the coat is super flattering and catches the eye, however the collar can be adjusted as needed should a blizzard be inbound.

The rest of the look is just as important for keeping warm and showing you’ve not succumbed to the January desire to be a walking human cocoon. I layered a thick striped turtleneck with bell sleeves, leather leggings, long socks and boots. I’d go for a flat or block heel, I prefer to leave balancing on a razor thin edge to ice skaters.  In terms of winter accessories, good leather gloves are a must as is a scarf (you can go with an Acne-esque long wool version, blanket model or a cozy knit). For all my tech savvy career gals, these gloves work with touchscreens! Hats and headgear. I know many of you are leery of hat-head, but you lose a lot of body heat that way. So, find the chicest hat you can and rock it! It’s a statement look and shows that just because temps are below freezing doesn’t mean style hides under the covers. I went for a cute pair of black fluffy ear muffs as my ears ache when they get too cold.

Materials are just as important as the layers. If you can invest in neutral cashmere or a wool blend turtleneck, it will quickly pay for itself as your go to jumper come snow days. Leather or faux leather leggings are a godsend as they’re waterproof. Otherwise thick denim can help keep out the wind. Make sure that your winter coat is at least 50 percent wool if not more, as anything less simply will not keep you warm. Don’t underestimate the importance of thick socks and good quality, waterproof boots in keeping out the damp and cold. Anyone who has ever accidentally soaked their feet in a snowbank can attest that few things will make you miserable faster. (I may or may not have taken this hit so you dear readers don’t have to).

Add a cross body bag, which keeps hands free to better slip in pockets, and a good waterproof mascara to minimize the effect of watery eyes, from the wind but also handy if like me you cry easily. You can be sure that any entrance you make this winter will be more après ski chic and less modern Ice Age.


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