What To Wear When You Don’t Want To Get Out of Bed

What To Wear When You Don’t Want To Get Out of Bed

We’ve all been there. Hitting the snooze alarm half a dozen times, debating with yourself whether you really need to press your shirt or if you can steal another fifteen minutes under the covers. Even the occasional weekend morning when the siren song of your bed wars against brunch plans and errands. I am no sleeping beauty. Rather than waking up to perfectly styled hair and makeup, I usually have pillow marks on my face, and a mane that rivals Chewbacca. So I’ve developed a bit of an outfit hack for those days that I simply can’t be bothered to rise and shine with all the pep of a Disney princess (sarcasm intended).

DENIM- Pull out your favorite pair of jeans, the kind that make you look at your own butt and think ‘Kardashians eat your hearts out’. The ones that are the perfect shade of blue, with enough stretch that you only have to dance a teeny bit in order to get them on. I’m an equal opportunity denim lover, from skinny to straight cut to mom jeans, so choose whatever suits your fancy. (Though much to my regret, I do not have a single pair of flares in my wardrobe; this is an abomination that needs rectifying immediately). Would not recommend low rise jeans if only because statistically they are shown to have negative psychological effects on the non-supermodel female population at large. Blue jeans on? Ready, set, go.

TOP- Oh wait, you’re only half dressed. Rewind. As far as tops go, there’s something so fresh about pairing white with denim. Go for the classic plain t-shirt or wear a cream blouse if you’re feeling a bit more feminine. In the words of Tan from Queer Eye, when in doubt, French tuck. It’s the perfect balance between being put together and being comfortable. Think relaxed enough to ugly laugh at your best friend’s hilarious joke, but also chic enough to run into your ex and leave with your dignity intact.

COAT- This time of year we’re stuck in a tug of war between spring and winter. You never know if the sunshine will come with a side of glacial wind or if a random rainstorm might descend. So why not take advantage of the mercurial weather to have one last hurrah with one of your more outrageous coats. I highly recommend a bright, fluffy coat as it’s like taking your duvet with you, but far more socially acceptable. This blue ‘Cookie Monster’ faux fur coat I borrowed from my fabulous flatmate is delightful, and unabashedly extra. If I’m going to drag my ass out of bed, then might as well go hard, no?

Phone, shoes, keys, wallet, out the door, pay the tithe to the caffeine gods, sip your nirvana in a cup and pat yourself on the back for embodying Carpe Diem (at least until tomorrow).


Photography by Samantha Chinomona 2019


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