Bond Girl Worthy Swimwear

Bond Girl Worthy Swimwear

What do spies and swimwear have in common? More than you might think! 007 is back in the news, with actress Lashana Lynch reportedly set to take on the mantle of M16 spy from Daniel Craig’s James Bond following his retirement. It’s fitting that in the twenty-first century a Bond Girl can have her own 00 status. I adore a good spy thriller and love the glamour of the leading ladies as much as the action-packed espionage. It’s made me feel nostalgic for all the iconic style moments. And the set locations. Lounging on the Riviera never sounded so good, as heatwaves send temperatures skyrocketing. What better way to cool off than in a retro style swimwear?

Monroe Designs’ swimsuits are Bond Girl approved with their classic and sophisticated style. Figure hugging one pieces are super chic and give a vintage vibe without feeling too costume-like. I’ve decided to submit a formal petition for all swimwear to come with belts! It’s oh so figure flattering, not to mention handy for the odd spy gadget or to hold your phone as you precariously make your way onto a sailboat. Just an example. The swimsuits come in black, navy, emerald and white. The latter gives Ursula Andress, aka Honey Ryder the OG Bond Girl, a run for her money, and unlike some white swimwear is thick enough to go for a dip without verging into R-rated territory. I also own the black version and I think it’s quite possibly the most slimming thing I’ve ever put on my body. Now I know many of us read ‘high leg’ and proceed to mentally debate whether our whole bum and/or other bits might make an accidental appearance. Rest assured the high leg is super sleek, but also full coverage. So you can strut, swim or spy on the Soviets to your heart’s content. Finally, all of Monroe Designs are handmade for each order in Britain, making the brand not only more sustainable than many swimwear companies but also top quality.

Though Monroe Designs Arizona Swimsuit is Bond Girl perfection, it’s probably for the best that I’m not in the running for the role. High speed boat chases, dodging enemy fire and daring espionage might make me spill my prosecco. A risk to avoid at all costs.


Monroe Designs very kindly gifted me this particular swimsuit photographed, however I am a paying customer of the brand and all opinions are authentic and my own.

Bond Girl Swimsuits


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