Sunday Selects No. 1

Sunday Selects No. 1

Hello to you fine faces! Welcome to the latest series on Cady Quotidienne, Sunday Selects, also known as an excuse to rave about my latest obsessions. I started sharing my list of selects once a week on Instagram Stories, but I was running out of space to type my ramblings. So, I figured why not make it a party, and create a monthly list/commentary over on le blog? I know, I’m such a giver. This week we have the prettiest PJs I’ve ever laid my eyes on, a travel website that is changing the game for budget jetsetters, the most insane run in America, a new watering hole I discovered on my midweek adventure into Washington DC, the facial oil that has made this Good Skin Summer, and a candle company that has me two seconds from weeping like a child. Intrigued? Good. Without further ado, let’s get cracking.

Desmond & Dempsey PJs

With the tagline of ‘taking you from dusk till dawn (and reverse)’ I’m pretty sure I would wear these pajamas 24/7. Coming in a variety of styles and GORGEOUS prints, truly you could build a whole pajama wardrobe. I’m talking camis, shorts, long sets, short sets, robes and a long sleep shirt called the ‘His for Her’. I’ve been on the hunt for fancy pajamas for a while and have always balked at the price tag (Olivia Von Halle remains a daydream…for now.) But D&D come in at half the price of some luxury loungewear brands. I’m currently eyeing up The Fauvist Print Multi sets, which are all on sale. D&D might just be ‘a girl and a guy making pajamas’ but they’re making my dream of swanning about in pretty PJs come true.

Next Vacay

What do you get when you combine software engineering with a love for travel? The brainchild of Next Vacay founder is a software that searches for insane flight deals on top destinations. The business is subscription based – when signing up clients indicate their nearest airport preference. Once a week they receive emails linking them directly to airlines when popular routes have a major price drop. The system works for a range of dates, giving you notice 1-6 months out. Round trip destination deals include Boston – Lima, Peru $475, New York-Las Vegas $100, Los Angeles- Madrid $425.  Sound too good to be true? I shall be testing it out thoroughly and report back. This may be the future for all of us with a “budget-to-bucket list” gap. 

Dear Frances

I didn’t think it was possible to fall in love with a shoe brand, but here I am. Handmade in Italy and produced in small quantities to help curb the environmental strain of fashion, Dear Frances creates shoes that are nothing short of divine. Definitely pricier than the average pair at DSW, they are a worthwhile investment. Any of the designs instantly make an outfit fashion week-worthy with their editor-chic style. I’m lusting over the Luna Sandal, made with tortoiseshell and Italian linen. Current plan is to squirrel away any extra cash so I get my hands on these beauties.

The Speed Project

As some of you may know, last year I up and decided to run the Paris Marathon despite having never run further than 5 miles in my life. Running a marathon taught me so much, and ever since I’ve been conspiring to do another. I was fascinated to stumble across The Speed Project a few days ago. It’s marathon level craziness x 10. An unsanctioned, 340 mile desert relay race from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. And I thought I was crazy to run a full marathon before doing a half! I came across the race as Kaye Ford, a brilliant photographer I’ve worked with before, documented the Artemis Arrows team throughout the entirety of their 60 hour 2019 race. As I am wont to do, I then went down the internet rabbit hole to learn everything I could about the race. It still boggles my mind, but who knows- maybe in a few years’ time (with a couple more marathons under my belt) I will be running through the Mojave in March.

The Pembroke

If you follow along on Instagram Stories, you may have seen that I made the truly spectacular error of wearing an all-white outfit to a networking event in Washington DC, the same day it was set to thunderstorm. YOU FOOL. Luckily my umbrella saved me from most of the biblical-proportions downpour. After I left the event, a friend and I ducked into a restaurant nearby on Dupont Circle for a bit of a catch up. We spent hours at the beautifully decorated bar of The Pembroke, having ‘young professionals’ cocktails and talking. In case you didn’t think we lived up to our full millennial potential, our beverage of choice was a large pink fishbowl drink called The Rosé Spritz. It was truly one of the loveliest places I’ve ever been to, and as we left the bartender said the magic words: hope to see you again soon ladies, by the way we also serve brunch!

Bio Oil

You’ve heard of Hot Girl Summer, but I now present Good Skin Summer. All thanks to religiously using Bio Oil as my nighttime moisturizer. If there ever was a holy grail skin product this would be it. Not only does it help keep skin glowing, but Bio Oil is recommended by dermatologists for scars and stretch marks. For myself, I noticed it has helped leaps and bounds with uneven skin tone, redness and light acne scarring. It’s also so much more affordable than many designer skincare and facial oils, so I can unleash my inner hoarder and buy in bulk.  

Homesick Candles

Fun fact – smell is the sense most tied to memory. The founders of Homesick Candles were inspired by the way that particular scents transport you to certain times and places. Their candles are designed to bring up memories of your hometown, Grandma’s Kitchen or a once in a lifetime trip. They have lines for all of the states in the U.S, many major cities and college towns, and different countries around the globe. They also have a National Parks collection, a summer line and a group of candles for shared moments like ‘New Home’ or my personal favorite ‘Single Not Sorry- Tinder Candle’. They make perfect gifts for any occasion, including  new job, moving day, expat friends, and hostess gifts. I’ve snuck their United Kingdom Candle into my shopping bag, hoping its bergamot, grass, rain, Earl Gray and vanilla mix will help me feel closer to all the lovely Brits I left behind after moving back to the United States. “If only sarcasm had a scent”. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

And that’s a wrap for this week! Hope you enjoy this series; I’m having a lot of fun researching and writing these round-ups. Now I just have to hide my wallet for the next 24 hours…


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  1. Kirsty
    July 29, 2019 / 12:28 pm

    I’m truly obsessed with your writing love!

    • Margaret Holmes
      August 8, 2019 / 3:30 pm

      Why thank you Kirsty, that’s so lovely to hear!

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