The Collection That Broke The Internet- Lorna Luxe x In the Style

The Collection That Broke The Internet- Lorna Luxe x In the Style

If your feed hasn’t been filled with the iconic prints and signature ruffles of Lorna Luxe’s designs, you might have been living under a rock. Lorna Andrews, creator of blog and Instagram moniker Lorna Luxe, has an ongoing partnership with In The Style that has consistently sold out with each rendition. Her most recent launch of the ‘High Summer’ collection yesterday sold out in multiple sizes in multiple styles within a matter of hours. How does she do it?

Wearing Practically Perfect Porcelain Nude Mini Dress from Lorna Luxe x In The Style

Since the launch of her collaboration with In The Style in February, fashion and luxury blogger Lorna Luxe has been a woman on a mission. Moreover, she has created a brand that appears to be straight out of my Pinterest mood boards. Her designs might be best described as taking classic pieces and turning the volume all the way up. White blouses feature dramatic ruffles, open backs and big sleeves. Figure flattering mini dresses come in a range of neutrals, jewel tones and prints. Her “Practically Perfect” Porcelain toile-esque print became so popular she added a red and nude version to the original blue. Lorna has nailed down as aesthetic that takes you from city chic to vacation glamour.

Described as ‘putting her mouth where her moodboards are’ the collection with In The Style combines feminine style with a chic edge and rotates a standing color palette of neutrals and denim with the occasional pop of color. Each design is playfully named and resonates with the millennial women that make up Lorna Luxe’s audience. From the most recently sold out ‘Girls Girl’ dress to the ‘Almost Famous’ blouse or the ‘Torn Between Two Lovers’ Skirt, each piece revels in Lorna’s own tongue-in-cheek humor. At a far more accessible price than many fashion brands, Lorna has pioneered a line that embodies what she calls ‘champagne style on a lemonade budget’.

It has illustrated the power of true influence and an engaged following. In a time where influencer marketing is being questioned and quantity doesn’t always guarantee quality, Lorna Luxe holds the ground for authenticity. If you don’t believe me, look to the Internet. At 6pm U.K time on the 5th of August, traffic at In The Style shot through the roof with several styles selling out within a matter of hours. Lorna Luxe: blogger, designer and now breaker of the Internet.


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