Sunday Selects No. 2 The Sustainability Edit

Sunday Selects No. 2 The Sustainability Edit

This week I’ve been thinking about the sustainability question. Green, cruelty free, and fair trade fashion and beauty have become more mainstream and accessible. However, ethical and environmentally friendly supply chains mean businesses have to charge more for their products. Fast fashion and beauty can be tempting when you have a limited budget. Influencers and bloggers in particular bear some responsibility for perpetuating unrealistic and irresponsible consumption and need to be aware of the message they send. BUT there are many ways that individuals can live more sustainable lives. Consider cost per use, shop vintage and invest in sustainable brands. For the girl on the go, sustainability is about balance. Reducing ‘worn once’ impulse buys, getting creative with her closet, opting for reduced packaging/longer delivery and saving up for sustainable brands that she can feel good about. For today’s edit, I’m sharing slow fashion, B Corp, cruelty free and vegan brands that you should know about. Walking the walk, these 6 brands give a damn.

Honest Beauty

The Honest Company Founded by Jessica Alba, this wellness company provides transparent and sustainable products from Laundry Detergent to Liquid Lipstick. Truly they have it ALL. They are entirely cruelty free, not allowing animal testing on their products, and offer vegan options which do not contain any animal or animal derived products. With superb quality and accessible prices (can I hear an AMEN) they do not compromise from their values, including a No List of chemicals and materials. I recently bought their Luminizing Glow Powder in Midnight Reflection and am FLOORED by the quality and thoughtfulness. It clearly labels ingredients and is free of parabens, PEGs, talc, phthalates, synthetic fragrances and mineral oil. Shimmer sustainably folks.

Ref Jeans With a tagline of “Being Naked is the #1 most sustainable option. We’re #2” Reformation is the poster child for conscious clothing. They’re also responsible for the sea of puff sleeved dresses on Instagram. If you’ve fallen in love with the romantic and sustainable clothing at the L.A based designer but can’t afford to drop several hundred dollars on a single item, fear no more! They have recently launched a more affordable Ref Jeans line as a capsule alternative to their pricier items.  I’m wearing the Lizel dress from the collection, made from 82% TENCOL lyocell and 8% linen. The green version is sold out but the dress also comes in black and white for under $100. WIN! It was the first time I’ve ever worn lyocell (a fabric sustainably made from Eucalyptus). It was so comfortable and breathable, and the cut of the dress could not have been more flattering. If I haven’t convinced you already to check out this brand right now Reformation is having one of their rare sales with styles up to 40% off. Drop what you’re doing and check it out, you’ll thank me later!

Sezane For sustainable à la française, look no further than Sezane. The French brand is known for their seasonal capsules that create the perfect Parisian wardrobe. Drumroll please…Sezane is committed to sustainability and philanthropic programs. Alongside French girl chic, the brand is based on a responsible production model that includes no items left unsold and no waste. Their classic pieces are made to last, from the iconic Boy shirt to their perfect skinny jeans. Bonus points? A recycling program and DEMAIN t shirts that fund education, culture and equal opportunities access for children around the world. Sezane gives sustainability that je ne sais quoi.

The Body Shop OG providers of all of your cruelty free skin and haircare needs. Earlier in 2019, I was lucky enough to partner with The Body Shop for six months and I learned so much about their products and their commitment to sustainability. I’m still using their Banana Collection shampoo and vegan hair mask, which is made with community trade Bananas from Ecuador and is silicone free! All of their products are made with natural ingredients and they also offer vegan, nut free and paraben free collections. Some fan favorites: Shea Butter for all the hydration, ginger body scrub that smells DIVINE and a face mask made from one of my fave things in the world: COFFEE. Look good, smell good, feel good- all from nature.  

Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn In a total paradigm shift, I discovered this brand through Facebook ads. I don’t know what has me more shook, the fact that Facebook got it right or their unbelievably beautiful dresses. Think Brigitte Bardot wandering around St Tropez. Think Italian vineyards and sun drenched picnics. Think driving down the pacific coast highway in a vintage convertible. Now for the sustainable secret: they craft all of their designs from deadstock, fabrics left over from major design houses. Instead of going to waste, these fabrics get a new life in the form of swoon-worthy clothing. Timeless, versatile and upcycled, we stan.

NAK Fashion

No Animal Killed This shoe brand (NAK for short) wears their heart on their proverbial sleeve. As suggested, this brand was born from the idea that gorgeous, quality footwear could be made from vegan materials. They merge traditional Italian hand-made traditions with cruelty free leather. 100% waterproof, breathable, lightweight and comfortable, their shoes are not only vegan alternatives but also have a low environmental impact. While pricy, a pretty pair is an investment because their vegan materials are some of the most advanced in modern footwear, lasting longer than traditional leather. From Chelsea boots to sky-high pumps, NAK is the shoe of sustainability.

Investing in sustainable brands is a process. Sometimes it feels like a balancing act. Do you go for more budget friendly pieces but compromise on quality? Do you go for ethical supply chains or recycled fabrics? Do you prioritize cruelty free or zero waste? There’s no one way to shop sustainably, the key is to be thoughtful and make an effort to better your habits as much as you personally can. As much as I love Goop, we aren’t all working with Gwyneth Paltrow’s level of resources! Sustainability and style are both very personal, so I hope this gives you the tools to find products that work for you!


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