3 Essentials For Summer’s Last Hurrah

3 Essentials For Summer’s Last Hurrah

I have something of a complicated relationship with August. At the start of June, it feels like we have ages to go to the beach, explore farmers markets, jet off to glamorous islands and laugh with friends as the sunset turns the sky gold. But then we blink and all of a sudden, it’s the last month of summer. Cue the panic that we’ve not actually had ‘the best summer ever’. It can be paralyzing as by this point, we’re all rather heat addled and sticky. But instead of buying flights to an eye-wateringly expensive resort, consider something closer to home. In all the effort of traveling to dream destinations and getting the perfect ‘I was made for summer’ Instagram post, we forget that summer is best when it’s simple. It’s picnics in the park, sunshine streaming through open windows, sea salt in your hair and on your skin. September is right around the corner, yes, but wouldn’t you rather enjoy summer’s last hurrah instead of being stressed and anxious? This weekend head to the beach an hour away, or book a staycation in your own city at that new hotel with the infinity pool, or go on a mini road trip to a national park. With just a few essentials, you’ll be able to make some memories without the stress of missing a connection or trying to organize a last minute girl’s holiday. Here are my essentials for summer’s last hurrah!

1. A Big Straw Bag

Basket and woven bags are consistently the accessory of Spring and Summer, so this is really the last time you can wear this without looking like a lost shepherd girl. Unless of course you live in the Bahamas. Then by all means, carry on. They’re perfect for a few easy outfits, your toiletries and a whole bottle of rosé. The bare minimum for an effortless summer get-away.

2. SPF-30

I see you sneaky gal. Thinking since it’s the last weekend of summer and you’ve survived thus far without turning into a sun dried tomato, you could skip the sunscreen. Not so fast, a bottle of SPF-30 needs to make its way into your toiletry bag. Yes, by this time of year we’re tired of slathering ourselves from head to toe. But sun damage is no fun and this way you’re not the sunburned co-worker with peeling, itchy skin when it’s time to head back to the office.


Just because you’ve opted for a Zen last weekend of summer, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your summer wardrobe. Pack your favorite sundress, or a fun one-shoulder top, the sandals that have molded to your feet and your super flattering swimsuit. Live in an oversized shirt, cutoff shorts and bare feet. Forgo a bra entirely if that’s your mood. Just don’t forget statement sunglasses- it’s hard to relax when you’re squinting all the time.

Et voilà. Three essentials. Simple summer, just like I said. Soak up some sun, spend time with friends or family and eat some ice cream. Ready, set, go!  



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