These Earrings Are The Real MVPs- 7 Days in Mejuri

These Earrings Are The Real MVPs- 7 Days in Mejuri

Last week the team at Mejuri kindly gifted me a pair of their Editor Hoops, one of the best sellers from their gold vermeil collection. Mejuri’s attention to detail and accessible prices makes them rock stars in my opinion, and they are my go-to jewelry brand when I want quality pieces that can elevate my everyday look. To prove just how perfect they are, I decided to wear my Editor Hoops for a week straight and record it here for you all.

Day 1:

My package from Mejuri arrived on a Tuesday and given I have the self-control of a small child on Christmas morning, I immediately tore open the DHL package. The Editor Hoops are almost like crescent moons, twin graceful curves of gold that open at the back. It’s a modern yet elegant design to the classic hoop earring. I wasted no time popping mine on my ears. After the requisite five minutes of turning my head this way and that in the mirror, I got on with my busy day. I had a phone interview, and they definitely made me feel polished and stylish. That evening I met up with friends downtown for drinks at Succotash and pulled pork sliders. I managed to eat without getting any barbecue sauce on my white silk top. If that’s not proof these earrings are magic, I don’t know what is.

Day 2:

I’m not a morning person by any means but on Wednesday, I felt energized and jumped on the stationary bike for an hour while I caught up on the final season of Jane the Virgin. Earrings stayed secure on my ears throughout working out, showering and getting ready for the day. I did some social media prep for an article I wrote for She Laughs Collective before networking emails and phone calls. I read the Caroline Calloway Ghostwriter article in The Cut, which was half an hour down a rabbit hole that I won’t get back. In the late afternoon I drove to Old Town Alexandria to pop by Mint Condition, a local consignment shop. I’m doing second-hand September and only buying vintage but also trying to limit my shopping in general. It was Walk in Wednesday, where you can bring clothing you might sell so I lugged a few bags of shoes over the sidewalk. It was crazy hot; as much as I love summer, 92 degrees in September is just ridiculous. Though I was sweaty when I arrived, one of the ladies at the shop complimented my earrings. Another victory for the Editor Hoops!

Day 3:

Recently I’ve gotten into podcasts, so I today I listened to Friend of a Friend by Liv Perez as I went through emails, paperwork and other Very Boring Adult Things. This week’s guest was Hannah Bronfman the entrepreneur, DJ and founder of HBFIT. Her story was so compelling, especially when she opened up on what it felt like to lose her first company and the lessons she had learned. When I’m really thinking or concentrating, I tend to play with my hair or my earrings, so it was a minor miracle that my hoops stayed put and didn’t roll off into some dust bunny filled corner. Especially as in the afternoon I noticed a HUGE spider when I was rummaging around and promptly had to flee. It went away on its own after about 10 minutes of scrolling through social media, so I didn’t have to call in paramilitary support. I then organized some vintage Vogue cover posters that I need to get framed, despite a lack of free wall space but that’s just ~details~. Ended the day by bribing myself with chocolate to get through the last round of burpees in my workout. By this point I started to consider that maybe the Editor Hoops were surgically attached to my ears.

Day 4:

Friday morning and I woke up with one of the earrings hiding under my pillow, having fallen off in my sleep. Thus, dashing my budding case that Mejuri sends a Men-in-Black like team to make sure you never take off their jewelry. I spent most of my day writing about the Catch22 of fashion blogging, it’s a topic I would like to explore further in a blog post but for now you can read the Instagram post here. Inspired by Beth Sandland’s own article on the subject as a fashion blogger turned world traveler, it was one of those moments where the words typed themselves. That night I bar hopped with friends through DC, starting at Dirty Habits in the courtyard of the Kimpton Hotel which used to be the building for first Telegraph and General Post Office. We headed down to U Street, stopping at this tiny corner pizza place with slices as big as your head. Nothing says twenty-something night out like fancy earrings and cheap, greasy pizza am I right? We continued on to rooftop bars and beer gardens (where someone had a sausage dog and I LOST MY MIND), walking over 3 miles before calling it a night.

Day 5:

I woke up with a blessedly clear head as I switched to water at the final stop of our bar crawl last night. Poster Child for responsibility here, even more so because I started my onboarding for a part time job. I won’t be unpacking the subject today, but I definitely want to write on the lessons of long term job hunting, while also trying to support a side hustle. Dressing for your first day can always be a bit tricky, so I wore an outfit I come back to again and again. Black linen midi dress, leopard print loafers, my burgundy Strathberry bag and once again the Editor Hoops from Mejuri. I loved meeting the team, and as a customer associate, they want us to know the collection inside and out, so we did a fit test and tried on a few pieces. This is how I discovered the Paige bootcut jeans now haunting my dreams. I’m not sure how I slept on the magic of flares for so long, but they instantly make your legs toned and I don’t think my bum has ever looked so good in denim. Flares + Editor Hoops = looking like a 1970s disco queen in the best way possible. I’m a big fan.

Day 6:

Sunday is the simultaneously the laziest and best day of the week in my opinion. Brunch outside in the warm breeze is possibly nirvana. I love to take a day off from makeup to let my skin breath and earrings always make me feel feminine even without mascara or lipstick. I had planned on writing a blog post for you all, but the decision was taken out of my hands when the power went out for no apparent reason. So instead I finished the book I had chipped away at all summer, The Fabulous Bouvier Sisters, a brilliant, lush biography of the lives and relationships of Jackie Kennedy and her sister Lee Radziwill. I cannot recommend it more, especially if you love fashion, culture and history.

Day 7/8:

I’m combining two days for this one because on Monday I just ran errands and I honestly can’t even remember what I did. But I still wore the hoops! Tuesday was more exciting because I up-ended the house to shoot some content. This included some portraits and styling the Editor Hoops after a week of test runs. I also started planning a fall road trip for the end of October. We’re narrowing down on a destination, but we want wineries, art museums, cute little shops, gold and orange fall leaves and apple cider donuts. I will probably wear these hoops on that road trip because honestly it is so nice to have a pair of earrings you can wear All. The. Time. That evening I met my friend for a catch up and a Barre3 class. I learned that the true meaning of pain is doing tiny pulses from a squat position. Mirrored studios are great for checking your posture and form, but I’m someone who looks more like a sweaty tomato than sports illustrated cover girl when exercising. Leaving the class on legs made of jelly, the only saving grace to my frazzled appearance was the gold of my earrings merrily swinging from my ears as I winced my way down the stairs to my car.

So that’s a week in the life of my Editor Hoops by Mejuri, worn by one woman making it up as she goes along. But aren’t we all?



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