Wardrobe Spring Cleaning With Everlane

Wardrobe Spring Cleaning With Everlane

It’s a cliché for a reason but there’s something about this time of year that makes me want a fresh slate. It might also be the abundance of time inside during quarantine and the fact that in moving to my new apartment I got personally acquainted with the colossal amount of clothes, books, and shoes I own (hauling them in boxes and baskets and bins and suitcases from the suburbs into the city). While I was packing and unpacking, I tried to purge as much as I could, and there are still a few bags of clothes waiting for donation as soon as the charity shops open again.

My frustration wasn’t just really about the quantity; I’m a proud maximalist, and that means I love being surrounded by a beautiful collection of things. The problem was, somehow without me noticing, ill-fitting, meh and blagh clothes had infiltrated their way into my closet. Although I’m not dressing for fashion week these days, I like to have fun getting dressed and enjoy what I’m wearing, whether that means silky pyjamas for dinner or getting all polished up to sit at my desk. After the overhaul, I needed to source a few classic staple pieces that are going to be easy but timeless additions to my wardrobe.

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Enter, stage left, Everlane. I’ve been an Everlane convert ever since I first tried on one of their sweaters. It was like being wrapped in a cloud and cuddled by hundreds of kittens. One of the things I really appreciate about the brand is its focus on sustainability and mindful fashion. My original pair of Everlane cheeky jeans and my alpaca crew are as good today as the day I first got them, and so who better to turn to for clothes that make you look good and feel good?

For a spring refresh, I picked the High-Rise Skinny Jean in Bone and the newly launched Glove Re-Knit Mule in toffee. White jeans are a classic warm weather basic, but this pair somehow feels extra special. Possibly it’s the pockets (super flattering on the derrière), possibly it’s the fact that they’re made in the cleanest denim factory in the world. My only criticism is that I definitely had to do a little dance pulling them on the first time, wearing my normal size 26. This is true of many white jeans as the material needs to have a bit less stretch in order to prevent VPL a.k.a visible panty line. After moving around, they started to ease and become more lounge-able.

As for shoes, I hadn’t yet tried any of Everlane’s footwear, but friends have raved about the Glove Re-Knit Boot, so the new mule style instantly caught my eye. I’ve also been having a real moment for neutrals lately and this ochre shade was the perfect way to get a bright pop while still maintaining warm tones. In terms of fit the re-knit material really molds itself to your foot, but thus far I’ve only been able to wear them from my bedroom to my kitchen or for a quick stroll down the block to smell the honeysuckle. So, the verdict’s still out on the long term wear-ability. I will definitely put the Glove Mules through their paces as soon as restrictions are lifted. Fingers crossed they pass the summer heat test, my poor toes are weary veterans of the battle of blisters and rubbing.

With rain showers turning into sunshine filled days, this time of year you need your clothes to be as versatile possible. By now I’m also relieved to escape the pile of winter sweaters (has anyone else been buried under a wooly avalanche when trying to get a cardigan off the top shelf?). Spring and summer are also some of my favorites times to get dressed. I love the pretty romance of blossoms and Easter, the first day out on the water and strolling in a sundress on vacation in some pretty city. When I do indulge in a bit of escapist retail therapy, I try to be as mindful as possible. Lovely, ethical clothes are like puppy videos and the first bite of chocolate. Each is an instant hit of serotonin. In a time where there’s a thousand and one things bombarding us on a daily basis, many of them unhappy and stressful, we crave the simple joys most. It’s like the song from the Sound of Music, raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens and Everlane are a few of my favorite things.


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