Virginia Is For Wine Lovers – A Day Trip to the Vineyards

Virginia Is For Wine Lovers – A Day Trip to the Vineyards

Over the weekend we drove out through the hills and blue sky to vineyard-crawl. If you’re looking for a safe, socially-distant way to “travel” this summer or fall, a day trip out to wineries is a great option. We took a 120 mile round trip loop from Washington DC out towards Harper’s Ferry, where northern Virginia meets West Virginia, recommended by Washingtonian Magazine. It was a dream to escape the humidity of the city for wine tastings and a steady breeze.

We visited three vineyards over the course of Saturday afternoon, starting with the darling red barn of Two Twisted Posts, before stopping for a spell at Notaviva and finishing at Breaux Vineyards. At TTP we had a tasting and picnic with cheese, crackers and other snacks brought with us from Whole Foods. In between chatting and trying to pet the vineyard dog, we sipped tiny glasses of wine with the most hilarious descriptions. Personal favorites include a truly foxy cab sauv, followed by generous, rich, complex and powerful and lastly not bold and arrogant, but light, sweet and spicy…yum! Our second stop Notaviva was a cider and winery perched on a hill overlooking a picturesque pond. I had their pear cider and sauvignon blanc blend, which was so refreshing in the August heat. The staff keep ducks and chickens on the grounds and it was delightful watching them run down the hill to the pond. Our final visit, Breaux Vineyards felt like it could have been in Tuscany. Between the rolling hills, stucco architecture, vino and margherita pizza, I felt like I was on the set of Call Me By Your Name or Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday.

For your own trip to the vineyards, you must remember to bring two things- snacks for a proper picnic and a good camera. There’s something about field covered in vines that feels so cinematic and it makes for a great setting to capture some memories, especially at golden hour. I recommend a pretty sundress, a dramatic hat and comfy shoes for your day outside. In these photos from our day trip, I’m wearing Sezane’s Odalie dress in mocha. I love its simple eco and ethical linen and the open back design is so chic. It’s also 30% off from their archives if you fancy one last sundress hurrah.

As golden summer turns to crisp autumn, vineyards and wineries are a great way to get some fresh air and sun. I’m hoping to plan a weekend in October or November for cider and strolls among the copper leaves. If you decide to go out ot a vineyard this year, remember the Italian saying “Anni, amori e bicherri di vino. Non se contano mai”. Or in English, Years, lovers and glasses of wine- things never to be counted!



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