525600 Minutes, A Year in the Life: 2021 Favourites

525600 Minutes, A Year in the Life: 2021 Favourites

It should be no surprise that I’m a nostalgic person, given my love of vintage clothes, old movies, and historic buildings. And today I was looking back on the past year, the cities I visited, the creative projects, the friends I visited and the weekly or monthly obsessions. So for today’s post this is my best of 2022- everything that lived rent free in my brain over the calendar year. Featuring imagery of me recreating the Red (Taylor’s Version) because that album pretty much dictated my entire month of November-and let’s be honest it’s going strong even now!


  1. Bridgerton Duke of Hastings and narrated by Julie Andrews, enough said.
  2. Shadow & Bone I love an epic fantasy and this one features Ben Barnes who I’ve had a crush on since the Prince Caspian days.
  3. The Crown Season 4 The best drama on television in my opinion, and the costuming, music and setting this season were particularly exquisite.
  4. Derry Girls Nothing makes me laugh quite as hard as the antics of these four north Irish gals.
  5. Sex Education Season 3 Queen Jean Milburn and badass Maeve and sweet Amie.
  6. Working Moms One of the only shows that has ever portrayed motherhood to be a hotmess express and I love them for it.
  7. Ghosts I was so charmed by these friendly ghosts, plus randomly inheriting a historic mansion is pretty much my dream so I highly recommend.
  8. The Great The occasionally true story of Catherine the Great. For fellow fashion nerds, the costuming is 15/10.
  9. Sex and the City + And Just Like That Over the spring I binged all 6 seasons plus the two movies of SATC in anticipation of the new re-vamp this fall. So far I’m greatly missing Samantha and some of the plot lines seem a little out of character, but I still can’t resist.
  10. The Witcher Season 2 Big tough man accidentally adopting a child and having to make it through various hijinks and adventures is probably one of my favorite tropes, plus Jaskier’s the bard’s breakup song was a banger.
  11. Emily in Paris Season 2 Like cotton candy, this is all confection and little substance. I do love seeing the Parisian buildings and skyline once more. Plus Sylvie and Camille’s style is my favorite and it is great escapism, even if some of the plot makes me roll my eyes.


  1. Sentimental Garbage A.k.a justice for dumb women, a.k.a the brain child of Caroline O’Donoghue. Having recently gotten back into reading, this podcast analyzes popular ‘chick lit’ and romances novels like a 60 minute university seminar and I LOVE IT.
  2. Unhinged The dating podcast by my dearest friend Marcella Denby, all about our generation navigating relationships in the age of dating apps where there’s always another possibility just one click away.
  3. Mixed Up A brilliant show by Nicole Ocran, a blogger and internet friend, and Emma Slade Edmonson about their experiences as mixed race women in London.
  4. You’re Wrong About Analyzing the complicated realities of historical figures. I listened to a four part series about Princess Diana and it was so fascinating, intelligent, compassionate and entertaining all at once.
  5. Scam Goddess The wildly funny podcast hosted by Laci Mosely, she’s is a fantastic comedian plus I enjoy that it has a true crime aspect with none of the moral dubiousness of murder mysteries.
  6. The High Low Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton wrapped up their award winning podcast at the end of 2020 but I have been listening to their old episodes and each one is like catching up with your best friend.


  1. Red (Taylor’s Version) Who knew that you could memorize a 10 minute song so quickly?
  2. Piano Piano, Jeremiah Fraites One of the things that has helped me stay focus and calm, whether I’m working or trying to get ready for bed, is listening to instrumental music. This album even has a piano song titled Maggie, and while I might be ever so slightly biased, it is beautiful.
  3. Plastic Hearts, Miley Cyrus Rock and roll 1980s style at its best. Her song High and the Heart of Glass cover are particular repeats.
  4. 30 by Adele Having gone through a breakup in the summer, I was primed for this album, and somehow the songs are both sad and make you want to dance? Adele working her magic once more.
  5. Harry Styles I don’t know if it’s his fashion sense or if its the music, or more likely, some combination of the two but I have been playing this icon’s songs at least once a day.
  6. Angie McMahon One of her songs contains the line ‘and I spent so much time eating pasta’ which is a whole mood.
  7. Magnolian Going international with Indie folk music from Mongolia, the song Indigo might be the best love song I’ve ever heard.
  8. Kacey Musgraves Never have I ever thought of myself as southern, but when she sings ‘I’m just a dime store cowgirl’ I am in my emotions
  9. MitskiYour Best American Girl, Washing Machine Heart, Nobody. Perfect for walking through the city by yourself, like the main character in a twenty-something coming of age movie.


  1. Telfar Global I bought the tote in brown as my workbag and I love that it works as a crossbody to keep my hands free on the metro, plus it’s made of vegan leather and is sustainable, black owned and made in Brooklyn!
  2. Sezane My favorite store in the world, I recently got a leather jacket and with its impeccable craftsmanship and classic design I know I will be able to wear it for decades to come.
  3. Audrey Leighton Vintage In an effort to be more sustainable I try to avoid fast fashion and buy more vintage or small-scale produced designs. This is my favorite vintage clothing brand, sourced from all over Europe and designed in a small atelier in Barcelona.

Rent the Runway Favourites

  1. Cinq a Sept Perfect for birthday dinners, fancy nights out and other celebratory occasions
  2. The Kooples For all my fellow wannabe french girls this brand perfectly captures edgy Parisian grunge
  3. Nicholas When I’m want to feel like a fashion magazine editor, this is my favourite to rent from
  4. Veronica Beard I love a good blazer and these ones have never let me down


  1. Penhaligon’s Elizabethan Rose Perfume I love rose and had been hunting for a perfume to add to my collection, I picked up this one while visiting London in August as a souvenir. I love that it’s slightly spicier which balances the strength of the floral notes.
  2. Nest Seville Orange Perfumed Oil If rose is romantic, dark and cozy and perfect for autumn and winter, this scent was my favourite to wear all summer long. I also learned that oil helps to keep the scent on your skin longer.
  3. Supergoop Glow Screen SPF all day everyday! I adore how this one doesn’t have a lingering scent, doesn’t clog poors but also brings a nice glow to my face in the mornings. Sun protection plus it wakes me up!
  4. Laura Mercier Concealer I mainly avoid heavy makeup as I don’t like how it sits on my face but this concealer is a pure magic to fix hormonal acne or under-eye circles.
  5. Prose Hair Care Custom hair care personally designed for your hair type, and other factors like how often you heat-style, whether you live in a city and your hair is exposed to pollution etc. Plus I adore the botanical scent with eucalyptus, lavender and rosemary. I started using it this year and I’ve noticed that my hair is noticeably healthier.
  6. Laneige Sleeping Lip Mask Aside from red lipstick and my go to pinky-beige, I mainly go for tinted lipbalms over lipsticks and lipgloss. But when I need that extra hydration, this mask is so lush and I love the natural pink shade.
  7. Biologique Recherche P50 Lotion This is the secret sauce of skincare gurus, this chemical exfoliant does wonders to replace deadskin cells, clear pores and is actually gentler than scrubs.
  8. Caudalie Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil I am a fan of double cleansing, first with an oil based cleanser and then with one with salicylic acid. This one smells divine- like almonds and vanilla.

Local DC Area Businesses

  1. Nina May Restaurant My favorite restaurant– I’ve been for dinner, brunch and even celebrated my birthday there! The menu is seasonal and all ingredients are sourced within 150 miles of the district and I highly recommend their very reasonable tasting option.
  2. Uncommon Goods Vintage Homeware & Decor My housemate got me hooked on this local business, I ordered some 1930s pink glass dessert plates and I am in love with them! They host a Saturday pop-up every week in Columbia Heights.
  3. Old Town Books Nestled in between Alexandria’s cobblestones, this darling little store is one of the highlights of visiting family across the river each week.
  4. Salt & Sundry Stepping into this store is always an exercise in self-control. Recently I bought my new favorite earrings there a few weeks back!
  5. Miss Pixie’s Vintage Store Records, dishes, postcards, artwork- you can find it all in this delightful rabbit warren.
  6. Lost City Books A bookstore only 20 minute’s walk from my house can either be dangerous or a life saver but their selection is fantastic and it’s near to one of the best coffee places in DC.
  7. All Soul’s Bar The best bar in the city, with a classic interior and cozy patio in the summertime. My personal favorite drink is named after the bar- one glass of sparkling rose and a shot of whiskey.
  8. Odd Provisions The local neighborhood market that is my favorite for last minute runs for wine and chocolate, but I’ve been known to come home with a new houseplant or candle as well.

Another 365 days around the sun having come and gone, and while we aren’t quite in the place I think most of us would like given recent resurgences of la petite covidina, l hope you’re finding a way to celebrate. Whether you’re raising a glass to the month being over or keenly anticipating what’s to come in 2022, aulde lang syne to you!


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