What Would You Do For Dior

What Would You Do For Dior

Two weeks ago I joined a long line of shuffling feet, glancing worriedly at the gray sky for fear of hair frizzing rain, but excited nevertheless for what was about to come: Christian Dior Couturier Du Rêve Exhibit!


Recently Dior started a campaign for the release of their new Miss Dior parfum with #whatwouldyoudoforlove. Well my for love of Dior got me up early on my morning off, and standing on the side of rue rivoli for a chance to see the wonderland of couture inside the Musée des arts décoratif. Dressed in a modern homage to Dior’s New Look, I wore my new Zara jumper, oversized cream with a black bow detail at the neckline, and Comptoir des Cotonniers black wide brimmed hat. Even months after its debut, it was so busy and at times I was glad for every inch of my 5’7 frame (plus an inch or two from my boots). An extensive labyrinth of rooms details the evolution of the fashion house from Christian Dior’s pre- fashion days to the feminine yet edgy designs of Maria Grazia Chiuri. My favorite sections were the classic silhouettes of the early years of the fashion house and the beautiful floral collections under Raf Simons. There aren’t many things that I wouldn’t do for a chance to wear the iconic Miss Dior dress! These wearable gardens are displayed in a fairytale room, bright with white garlands hanging down from the ceiling. To finish off this visit full of magical couture, the last room replicates the great halls of Versailles. Mannequins in ball gowns are scattered around the room, as though frozen forever at the site of some grand ball. On the far wall is a towering pyramid of the most celebrated designs from over 70 years of Dior. With ethereal lighting and music playing, this room truly felt like a fashion lover’s wonderland. Exiting onto the grounds of the Louvre, with visions of couture dancing in my head I was so happy I had braved the crowds out of my love for Dior.


The Paris based exhibit is open until 7 January 2018; for anyone interested in fashion, art, and French cultural history I highly recommend it.



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