The Perfectly Parisian Outfit

The Perfectly Parisian Outfit

Shades of cream, gray and black interrupted by the brown of crunchy leaves underfoot: Paris in Autumn is a cityscape of chic neutrals.


With my pale complexion and dark hair, I fit right in as I wander through neighborhoods, winding my way from the bustling cafés of Boulevard St Germain to the quieter Square Samuel Rousseau. Crisp air and warm sunshine, my favorite combination for long afternoon walks. My outfit too is emblematic of Paris at this time of year. An oversized cream jumper with a black bow, skinny black jeans, my faithful Chelsea boots and the crowning glory of a dramatic black hat. In typical fashion I have my black leather tote- to better carry all the provisions of course. Books, pens, lipsticks, bits and bobs that are of course absolutely necessary no matter how little they are in fact used. This is my favorite time of year to style outfits, everything feels that little bit chicer thanks to the lack of sweltering heat or bitter winds. My outfit here is about balance; black and white, skinny jeans and cozy jumper, sleek boots and a fabulous hat. The simplicity allows for touches of imperfection, the errant wisps escaping my side ponytail for example, while still remaining elegant. A thoroughly Parisian sentiment, bien sûr.



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