Joyful Joyful

Joyful Joyful

Joyful living: in fashion, in food and in enjoying the wonder and loveliness of the everyday.

Too often we become chained to the hectic schedules, pressures of social media and fear that if we don’t work 24/7 that we won’t ever make it. But what is the purpose of life if not to be enjoyed? Not to say that I don’t believe in hard work and perseverance but making yourself miserable is surely not the way to go either. So I am trying to find joy amidst all the chaos and stress. For me one of the most powerful joy-bringers in my life is fashion. Whether decorative or minimalist, wearing an outfit that fills you with happiness is so empowering. This outfit is all about reveling in that feeling. I fell head over heels in love with this turtleneck from & Other Stories only a day prior when braving the Christmas shopping crowds at Oxford Street. Stripes always feel delightfully nautical and bell sleeves compliment my tendency to talk with my hands. With my comfiest jeans, a ridiculously oversized fur coat and some kitten heels this look was all about having fun. Miraculously for November, London that day was sunny, as if the city matched my mood. An infectious delight in all around me and a skip in my step. What more perfect attitude for the holiday season?


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