January Skincare Additions

January Skincare Additions

The brutal cold & cutting wind of the past two weeks announced the arrival of true winter, and with it a shift in my skincare regimen.

For my lovelies also residing in the northern hemisphere, January tends to be a month in which our skin needs some serious love. Luckily for me, I tend to get a plethora of new lotions & potions to experiment with in my Christmas stocking. While I continue to dabble in charcoal masks, illuminating serums and the like, here is a winter skincare ritual that has been tried & tested by yours truly.

I stopped washing my face. Before anyone accuses me of being slovenly, I still do after a vigorous workout or wearing a full face of makeup. However I no longer wash it morning and night the way I had to in summer when the general lack of air-conditioning in Europe made me perpetually sweaty. Cutting back on the amount I washed my face helped soothe winter irritation & redness.

I’ve converted one hundred percent to facial oils. I adore Caudalie’s overnight detox oil. It lasts for ages, and with a middling price tag has become my lord & savior. I mostly stick to using it overnight, but on the occasion that the heater prevents a small ice age in my room I slather on a bit in the morning as well.

If you follow along with my Instagram stories, shameless plug for publicity here, you may know that Boots kindly sent me a sample box for their launch of the revamped Tea Tree & Witch Hazel line. After about a month of playing around I have adopted their Shine Control Day Moisturizer & Foaming Face Wash. The first is almost like a soothing gel. Tea tree oil’s antibacterial & witch hazel’s calming properties forgive a myriad of sins such as excess champagne & nights binge watching The Crown. As mentioned earlier, I wash my face sparingly nowadays but when I do, fresh scented foam lets me relive childhood bubble bath fights.

Always on the lookout for new products, I’m sure I will update you in a month raving about yet another pretty bottle crowding up my counterpace. For now my skin is clear & ready to hide behind a massive scarf when the daily walk to class resumes at the end of January. Alas as a university student there’s no escaping to the tropics. But hopefully with Caudalie, Boots & a vat of tea I’ll make it through.


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