Glamorous Galentine's

Glamorous Galentine's

Who says the day of love needs to be romantic?

Don’t get me wrong, roses are always welcome. But I’d much rather spend Valentines actually having fun instead of stressing about a date. Living in the city of love adds another element to the Valentines day decision. I’ve passed more couples in the last few days than ever before. Paris is of course the dream destination for all hopeless romantics and I’m sure on the 14th there will be lovebirds all around. Love is in the air, la vie en rose and it’s all a bit infectious. So to all those with a special someone, have a marvelous time!

But for my single ladies, or anyone looking to spend it with friends, this one’s for you! Whether you’re hosting a film party, a night out on the town or a spa day to indulge in some self love, Galentines is about having a special moment with the people that make you laugh the loudest and smile the brightest.

Thanks to Tobi, who were kind enough to send me some beautiful pieces, I have the perfect thing to make it feel fabulous, no matter your plans. Their copper/rose silk duster is pure luxury. Glamorous enough for a night out, or to lounge about like a film star, it can also be dressed down for day. I paired it with Tobi’s off the shoulder black bodysuit, which has darling ruffle cuffs, black skinny jeans & boots for yesterday’s girlie brunch. Switch out the jeans for a sexy skirt, add a pair of heels and you’re good to go for cocktails. Or swan about in it like a robe for film nights, as I plan to do from now on. Essentially, I may never take it off. It would also make a great present for a friend if you are planning on doing a gift exchange!

Wardrobe aside, Galentine’s means fun! So allow yourself to feel a bit giddy, a touch romantic and go ahead and view the world through rose colored glasses.

All My Love xx

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