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Needle & Thread Black Embroidered Mini Dress
Chanel Red Lipstick
Gold Pleat Midi Skirt
Camel Beret
Hexagon Brass Mirror
Cream Cozy Cardigan
Givenchy Teinte Couture Drops in Gold
Je Suis Une Femme Tshirt
Satin Headband
Camel Coat
By Terry CC Serum
Velvet Blazer

Skin Secrets

Part good genetics (thanks Mom & Dad), part products. Today I’m revealing all of what goes into getting a clear, glowing complexion! My personal philosophy is…

The Accessory that Seduced Me: Carolina Herrera …

From brunches to sales and more I am so excited to show you lovelies my partner in crime: this gorgeous black and white snakeskin Carolina…

To Autumn: Transitioning My Wardrobe

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Blogger Babes: Smile Style Slay

After just over six months of blogging, one of the things I’ve come to appreciate most is the amazing community. So I’m collaborating with fashion,…

Statement Monochrome

Black and white, a color duo whose very genius lies in simple contrast, is the perfect way to experiment with a statement piece.   A…

Exploring Normandy with IlyMix

Whizzing around country roads, past thatched cottages and the occasional cow until we come to the blue gray horizon of the Norman coast: the perfect…

Curl Care

Bouncy, wavy, frizzy, twisted into a clip, pulled back into a tail or straightened into submission- my curls have seen it all- thoughts from a…