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Needle & Thread Black Embroidered Mini Dress
Chanel Red Lipstick
Gold Pleat Midi Skirt
Camel Beret
Hexagon Brass Mirror
Cream Cozy Cardigan
Givenchy Teinte Couture Drops in Gold
Je Suis Une Femme Tshirt
Satin Headband
Camel Coat
By Terry CC Serum
Velvet Blazer

Thoughts From A Woman Who Cries Easily

That hot feeling behind your eyes, prickling in your throat and you know in about two seconds your face is going to turn a blotchy…

Brighton Bound

Retro boardwalks, rainbow houses and enough vintage shops to clothe the whole cast of Rent: Brighton Beach ladies and gents. At the end of July…

4 Ways To Boost Body Confidence

Everyday we’re bombarded with images of perfection. Paradoxically no one can quite seem to agree on what makes the perfect body, though everyone has very…

Natural Beauty Routine

As spring turned into summer and beyond I’ve found myself drawn towards a lighter, more natural beauty routine. While I still don a red lip…

Oversharing vs. Authenticity

Hello lovelies, long time no blog post. Somehow, we made it to half way through August without a peep from me.Between weekends away in Brighton,…

The Dress That Beats The Heat

Temperature skyrocketing, the city sits under a dome of heat and all you can think about is how everybody and their brother seems to be…

21 Things to Celebrate in 21 Years

21 Things to Celebrate in 21 Years   Dessert for breakfast- whether ice cream, pie or cake is your indulgence of choice there is nothing…